Bob Parks at black-and-right has gone fishin’

I’ve known Bob Parks for over five years now, while I was developing Maclectic I stumbled upon his blog, and sent him a message enquiring if he would be interested in joining a feedburner page for a group of assorted sites that we were involved with at the time. After a few email exchanges, we agreed to discuss this idea further over the phone a couple of days out. He called at the exact second that we agreed upon, and proceeded to chat for almost an hour. I wanted to add Black-and Right to our group effort, but he wanted to add his other video, YouTube type site, which was very well done, and I agreed to submit that site to the other Admins for approval.

Sadly, they were aghast that I wanted to add a conservative voice to the feed-burner page, and I couldn’t get his submission approved. Lesson learned: Management by committee never works.

Bob was far more accomplished than the rest of our sites added together, and we rejected him. I also tried to add one or two other positive assets, and that didn’t work out either. Needless to say, the feedburner page is no more. It worked nicely for a time, and it was a neat experiment. Giving it a communal management system proved to be it’s downfall.

Bob’s gone fishin’

The Perfect Time

Let me preface this by saying this is nothing personal to you, the B&R readers. In some ways you’ve been more loyal than my real family.

It takes a lot of time to maintain what I consider an obligation to share insights on the events of the day. This I do without any ulterior motives of gaining some kind of fame and fortune. Whether it be to the people who come here daily or members of a party or the citizens of a statewide district, I’ve always tried to be giving of myself while not expecting anything in return.

Professionally, this has been one the most humiliating month of my life and I have to reassess whether this is something I even want to continue doing. I’m not the type that goes through the motions and you’d be the first to correctly call me on it if I were to do so.

Thus this this the perfect time to step back, look at who I am, decide if I even like this person, and whether it’s in my best interest to do so much for others and seemingly get so little back in return.

This is beyond simply needing some time to recharge.

We’ll see what Monday brings.



Naturally, when I read this post red flags popped up all over. I sent him a “what’s up” message, and after a few posts he said he’d ring me up, which he did, once again at exactly the second that he promised. I, on the other hand, was ten minutes late, and he agreed that I would call him back. We chatted for about an hour this time. I am not at liberty to divulge what we talked about, but I firmly believe that bob will land on both feet.

A little over two years ago, Kay and myself met Bob over dinner and did some brain-storming, dinner lasted for four hours. This guy is a national treasure. He has done over 400 stand-up commentaries on current events, and has a natural style and grace that actors attempt to fake. And he has updated his blog usually several times daily for almost ten years.

I don’t blame him for being burnt out. I myself have experienced the same thing to some extent in the last couple of years.

Hopefully, we will both be able to recharge to some extent sometime in the summer of 2012, before the most important election of our lifetime.

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