Star Parker on Stossel and the Ubiquitous Welfare State

“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”


Anytime the government interferes with natural economic laws and individual freedom and liberty, there are unintended consequences.

Star Parker tells of her experiences on welfare in the 90s. She thought it was great, and hung out at Venice Beach most days. I thought we reformed Welfare back then (after Clinton vetoed the Bill twice, he finally signed it) sadly, things have not changed all that much today.


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  1. Jesus said in John 12:8 “For the poor always ye have with you” – KJV
    I guess some will never wake up to this fact. The fact that some will just sit there and let you take care of them.
    Case in point, The reservation system that we forced upon the native population. The only natives that have prospered are those who left the reservation and became productive on their own resources.

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