The Fate Of Our Nation Rests in Obamacare Decision

There is more to the coming Supreme Court decision expected to be handed down as early as next June than merely whether all or part of Obamacare will be upheld. This decision will actually decide whether the Constitution actually means anything today or not. The Constitution is a document which limits federal power, and without the limitations spelled out in the Articles, and the first ten amendments, commonly known as the Bill of Rights, our country, and the Constitution would never have been ratified in the first place.

That’s right, the first ten amendments were added to the Constitution before it was ratified by the 13 States, which were then operating rather poorly under the Articles of Confederation.

Here is an interesting article from American Thinker:

. . . In a 2006 interview with PBS, Roberts discussed the most revolutionary aspect of the American Constitution, which is that it is the law over government and not merely a political document melded at will by political leaders.  Chief Justice John Marshall’s landmark opinion in Marbury v. Madison, Roberts notes, “says, what is the Constitution?  It’s law.  It’s law that the people have established to control this new government.”

In this regard, the ObamaCare case is very much about more than just ObamaCare.  It is about the extent to which the Constitution is binding as law that controls government, and what the Supreme Court will do to enforce that law on government.

Thomas Paine wrote, “A constitution is not an act of government, but of the people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is power without right.”  Political thinker Sir Kenneth C. Wheare referred to a constitution as “the collection of rules which establish orgovern the government.”

In Marbury v. Madison, Marshall called the United States Constitution our paramount law — so much so that laws passed by the people’s representatives are void if repugnant to that fundamental, supreme law.

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