Obama’s Train Wreck TAkes!

The train wreck that is Obamacare


is just getting worse and worse as millions of Americans are beginning to realize that they will no longer have much say in their own health-care, and are seeing their insurance costs rising, if they are fortunate enough to still have health insurance. This will not only affect individual health insurance plans, it will affect everyone’s insurance. It will affect YOU! Obamacare was never designed to let you keep your insurance, or your doctor, if you like them, period. It was designed to take away your options, along with your health-care provider’s options. While you may have had dozens or hundreds of options in the past, we are now faced with a grand total of four choices, which are all basically the same thing, depending on premium and deductibility levels. This whole socialist wet-dream that is Obamacare merely sets the stage to demand that we all will need to ask permission from Uncle Sam to see a doctor, visit a hospital, and he (they) will direct you in all of their wise benevolence as to what sort of care you deserve. Doctors and other primary care providers will be forced into government approved hospital systems, since their government “exchange” payments will not pay the light-bills in private practice.  Those that resist will retire, find something else to do, or… I won’t go there, as much as I’d like. Government approved health insurance, besides being ridiculously more costly for a number of reasons, does not provide better health care, the result will be the exact opposite. Worse health care, lessened privacy, and your health records will be stored and accessed by the government, with the IRS forcing compliance that you must participate in one of their four officially approved plans.

With that said, here’s the latest edition of

Rich TAkes!

Bombshell – Obama High School Friend: Barry Soetoro “Portrayed Himself as a Foreigner”

“We knew Barry as,  just common knowledge, that girls were never anything that he was ever interested in, and as a young teenager… as a young girl… it was clear to me that Barry was strictly into men”

Larry Sinclair Dead Hours After Phone Call to Kevin DuJan

from Nov 2011… search>>> http://bit.ly/HH3xyt

Report: Mother Of Obama’s Murdered Gay Lover Speaks Up

Wright’s Trinity UCC flashback from 2011

Obamacare By Morning, at the CMAs

Obama grasps for climate legacy as second-term agenda crumbles

Look for yet another round in the War On Coal (and oil, and even natural gas)

Obama’s Ex-Bodyguard: Scandals ‘Worse Than You Know’ – YouTube

retired Secret Service agent Dan Bongino comments about privacy, liberty and the NSA.

Indiana Senate leader working toward U.S. constitutional convention

A Hoosier once again leading the way towards the Liberty Amendments

Conventional Thinking

Seth Lipsky: Reflections on Mark Levin’s brilliant call for a convention of the states.

Judicial Watch/True the Vote to Court: Require Indiana to Clean Up Voter Rolls

DOJ sued Florida for doing that very thing.

Keynesian Theory in 5 min

Peter Schiff: Keynesian vs Austrian Economics – YouTube

Schiff predicted the crash of 2008 in 2005.

President Obama’s Recovery Is Now $1.3 Trillion Below Average

since WWII. It’s not a recovery, it’s barely treading water

Senate Republicans Daring Democrats to Go Nuclear

Will an interesting game of “Chicken” develop?

IRS’ Lois Lerner gave confidential Tea Party tax info to FEC, violating law

Just a part of why she pled the Fifth? Issa is still due to subpoena her again.

Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare laid bare

Krauthammer On Obama’s Apology: “The President Now Is Toxic”

“It’s got his name all over it”

No, David Axelrod, The ‘Vast Majority of People In This Country’ Are Not Keeping Their Plan

That was never the plan, all will obey Obamacare

That’s Not an Apology for Losing Health Care Insurance

He is really, really sorry that people actually believed him

Obamacare Is Obama Unmasked – David Limbaugh

Obama Bundler Funding VA State Dems, Libertarian Gov. Candidate

Cantor’s Ex-Chief of Staff Helped McAuliffe to Victory

Obama-tied firm won plum $100K ‘Let’s Move’ logo gig, bid-free

crony corruption? The Obama Administration decided that more “training” was in order.

Audit reveals half of people enrolled in Ill. Medicaid program not eligible | KMOV

Half? Really?

Sebelius: Possible for convicted felons to become Obamacare navigators [VIDEO]

Yes, we can!

Report: IRS Refunded $4B to Identity Thieves

The IRS sent a total of 655 tax refunds to a single address in Lithuania, and 343 refunds went to a lone address in Shanghai.

Egyptian Paper Names 30 Brotherhood Operatives in U.S.

Parent Sponsorship Stalls Kids Act

it’s time to end chain migration and chain citizenship. Give ‘em green cards if we must, instead

The New Republican Party

From Reagan’s 1977 CPAC speech:

“When a conservative states that the free market is the best mechanism ever devised by the mind of man to meet material needs, he is merely stating what a careful examination of the real world has told him is the truth.”

Liberals Have Accounted for 70% of ‘Dark Money’ Spent in Politics in 2013

“Dark Money” means the “Super-PACs” which these very same liberals decried after the Citizens United decision

Free Book of the day: Economic Planning.pdf

From 1935: “For more than half a century, the belief that deliberate regulation of all social affairs must necessarily be more successful than the apparent haphazard interplay of independent individuals has continuously gained ground until to-day there is hardly a political group anywhere in the world which does not want central direction of most human activities in the service of one aim or another.”

21 Shameful Ways We Are Forcing Children To Be Sissies

political correctness run amok

UC Berkeley Student Government Bans Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

No matter that illegal alien is still the official governmental term. It should come as no surprise since Berkley is still the most radical campus in the UC system.

Floating island of rubbish three times size of BRITAIN floating towards California

Thanks to a volcano eruption which spawned the Japanese tsunami…

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