Hoosiers At The Crossroads

Dear Family, friends, and fellow Hoosiers, 

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This coming Tuesday, the Crossroads of America will become the Crossroads of the 2016 election. I am writing today to urge you to consider supporting Ted Cruz for President. He is the only Constitutional Conservative still in the race. 

Unlike our current POTUS, Ted has supported and defended our Constitution his entire life. At the age of 13, he memorized the Constitution word for word.

His is an amazing story, beginning with his father’s story, who once supported Castro’s revolution, came to America, went back to Cuba and was shocked at what he found. Rafael was imprisoned, tortured and about to be executed. Somehow, he made it back to our shores, and was changed forever at least concerning politics. It would take a rock bottom event with alcohol years later (he left his wife when Ted was three) until one day a friend invited him to his church in Houston. I’ll leave you to research Rafael’s story further, he is quite open about it, and his transformation I believe was a direct result of God’s guiding hand and his new found faith.

More here: The Bible Tells Us Who To Vote For | Rich TAkes!

Ted was raised with a Bible and a copy of the Constitution on the kitchen table.

We finally have the first conservative to vote for since Reagan. 

Like Obama, Cruz is a first term Senator, but that is where the comparison ends. Ted’s resume is full of real accomplishments, starting with being a policy advisor for GW Bush in 2000. He had a hand in the Bush V Gore decision. (in all fairness, if the Electoral College could not convene, the House would have decided that one, and the Republicans controlled the House in 2000)

Ted wrote 90 written arguments or Amicus Briefs before the Appellate or Supreme Court, and presented oral arguments nine times before the Supreme Court. He successfully defended the right of Texas to display the Ten Commandments, the WW II Mojave Cross among other victories for freedom of religion. His two greatest victories which he argued were Heller, which struck down the no hand-gun provision in DC, and affirmed the right of every American the right to keep and bear arms, and Medellín v. Texas, during which he found himself opposed to GW Bush concerning a horrific gang rape and murder of two very young teens (the youngest was 14 at the time) by illegal aliens. They were Mexican nationals. Bush bowed to pressure and wanted to submit the conviction to the International Court. Ted stood for what is right, and won. The Bush establishment types never forgave him for that indiscretion.

More on Ted’s resume can be found here:

Ted Cruz’s Resume is Making Liberal’s Heads Explode!

I have never seen anyone remotely close to his qualifications.

Regardless of what Marco (who has since sort of endorsed Cruz) or Donald has said, Ted is completely against illegal immigration. After the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill passed the Senate, Ted took it upon himself to lobby the House in opposition to the Bill. The House didn’t even bring it to the floor.

Oh no, Ted shut down the government! Not really, the Senate does not have the power of the purse, and his “filibuster” speech was planned to not interfere with Senate business in advance. He did inspire the conservatives in the House to pressure Boehner to defund Obamacare, He stood on his principles, while Republican Leadership caved.

I am hearing from Trump and most of the media that this nomination process is over. The most votes wins, right? Yes and no. Mostly no. Many more votes have been cast for other than Trump than has been cast for Trump. A contested convention is bad, right? Wrong. The GOP began in 1856 after the implosion of the Whigs, in 1860 one Abraham Lincoln came to the convention in fourth place, and won the nomination on the third or fourth ballot. Even as recently as 1976 Gerald Ford did not have a majority of first ballot votes. 

In 1800, the Electoral College was a draw. After 36 ballots in the House, Thomas Jefferson became President.

One last reason to support Ted Cruz, which is, if Donald Trump becomes our nominee, he loses big time to Hillary, and even worse to Sanders. A vote for Trump is essentially a vote for Clinton. And she has no good qualifications at all, other than marrying Bill.

I’ve been documenting this stuff at my blog, for more into: please see richtakes.com

Thank you for your consideration. If you are planning to vote for Hillary or Sanders, I’ll pray for you.

If you are planning to vote for Trump, it is essentially the same thing.

The Hoosier Crossroads

For the first time in my lifetime Indiana is at a cross-roads, where we Hoosiers can actually decide the next Republican nominee. I beg anyone who reads this to support the only Constitutional Conservative who can win, Ted Cruz. Both Trump and Kasich are progressives who believe that big government can fix things. If that worked we would all be in high cotton already.  

Elect Ted

A vote for Trump, OTOH, might as well be a vote for Hillary. He will lose in a landslide to Hillary, and in an even bigger landslide to Sanders. The Republicans would likely lose the Senate (not that I’m a McConnell fan or anything) and the House will also be weakened.

For those who say that they don’t want a contested convention, if this is the standard we would have never nominated Abraham Lincoln. Or Ike for that matter. Even Thomas Jefferson during the Electoral College vote of 1800 went to the House, and there were 36 ballots before he finally won the election.

I hope that you will join me to nominate a true conservative candidate who can win too, so I beg all

Patriotic Hoosiers to vote for Ted Cruz for President next May 3!

Vote for Ted Cruz!

Clinton’s “War Room” is the best campaign spot that I’ve seen this season

Behind closed doors with GOP elites, Trump campaign guru admits to the con

Scroll down for more on Trumps’s “Long Con”

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Trump: I’m all for RAISING TAXES on the rich

The rich pay enough already. I think that 39% is enough, Cruz says 10% across the board.

The Most Important Primary Is … Wait, Indiana? – The New York Times

Hoosiers step up to the plate in less than ten days  ted-cruz-constitutional-conservative

Ted Cruz has won the nomination *Detailed Analysis*

by the numbers, deep in the weeds. Don’t buy the spin.

YUGE!! Ted Cruz just ONE POINT BEHIND TRUMP in California!!

Ted Cruz is closing in on Donald Trump in California – Business Insider

>>A new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll of likely Republican voters published on Sunday showed the Texas senator, with 35% support, just 1 point behind Trump’s 36% in California.<< Good news from soopermexican

Republicans Hate These 7 Things About Democrats. The Trump Campaign Is All Of Them.

I’m shocked that the Trumpsters can’t see this.

Ted Cruz Lectures Hannity: “This Notion Of ‘Voterless Elections’ Is Nonsense” | Video | RealClearPolitics

Trump gets what he deserves: a first ballot binding vote. Voting for the delegates is an entirely separate matter. As it has always been within the Party.

Trump Has Early History of Misogyny

The Trump Chapter of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club. 

Don’t think that the Dems haven’t noticed this.

An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector – xoJane

Almost a year ago, recruited for my public relations and public policy expertise, I sat in Trump Tower being told that the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count. That was it.

Is Donald Trump Looking For An Exit Strategy To His Long Con Of America?

See above ^^

What Trump People Don’t Get – Michael Reagan

Trump is wrecking his ability to unify the GOP around his candidacy in the fall if he does win the nomination. He spends parts of every speech and press conference announcing that he hopes that his supporters don’t make trouble if he doesn’t win. He hopes they don’t riot in the streets.

Trump has also violated Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment at every turn, “thou shall not speak ill of another Republican.” 

Please let Trump explain to you what China is doing in the S. China Sea

“…HIATT: So what do you think China’s aims are in the South China Sea?

TRUMP: Well I know China very well, because I deal with China all the time. I’ve done very well. China’s unbelievably ambitious. China is, uh… I mean, when I deal with China, you know, I have the Bank of America building, I’ve done some great deals with China. I do deals with them all the time on, you know, selling apartments, and, you know, people say ‘oh that’s not the same thing.’ The level of… uh, the largest bank in the world, 400 million customers, is a tenant of mine in New York, in Manhattan. The biggest bank in China. The biggest bank in the world.”

~ And that is only the half of it. ~  

Cruz flat tax

Second Statement From Conservatives Against Trump

The first should have been enough.

On the Rocks: The Story of Trump Vodka

The V&V (vodka & vinegar) never took off either. Just one of many of Trump’s failed business enterprises. Lot’s of enterprises fail, the point here is that the Donald is not quite as successful as he would lead you to believe.

Donald Trump and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: An Interview with Sam Vaknin

We have already suffered through one Narcissist in Chief, do we really need another?

How and Why the Conservative Media Sold Its Soul To Facilitate Trump’s Nomination | Mediaite

Show me the money, honey!

Trump’s ‘voterless’ election myth – The Washington Post  Trusted

Alligator Records – LONNIE MACK, JULY 18, 1941 – APRIL 21, 2016

Rest in peace, Lonnie


Transgender in Women’s Bathroom (Social Experiment) – YouTube




Thanks for looking!

The Trump Debate TAkes!

Even though I am under the impression that Donald Trump has been a Democrat for most of his adult life, his first allegiance is to the Donald, and the Trump Empire. He is a showman of the highest order, perhaps the finest since P.T. Barnum. He is also his own biggest admirer who seemingly can do no wrong. He has surprised everyone in political circles by his rapid rise to the top of the very crowded Republican Primary field, and he has done it by defying all accepted political conventions by just being himself. Trump has not spent any significant money at this point. He is reminiscent of the lead bull at Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls event each spring. This political model can not be sustained, he will need to evolve his game if he wants to maintain his current lead in the polls.Mr. Trump in Cleveland

Jackie Mason: Presidential debates are now comedy contests

The Republicans and the rest of the candidates are at least partially to blame for the Trump phenomena, while at the same time should be giving thanks to Donald Trump. There are several lessons that can be learned from Trump’s campaign to date, some of which are:

  • He recognizes that political correctness stifles free speech, and refuses to bow to what is ultimately a liberal demand.
  • In contrast to Silicon Valley, Wall street, the Chamber of Commerce, and current Obama policy, Trump recognizes what we all know: liberal immigration policies, both legal and illegal, are hurting Americans. Building the fence and stopping the invasion is the number one reason why he has shot to the top of the polls early in the race.
  • Bringing jobs back to America. He promised this, and I have no doubt he could do it. On the other hand, I could do it, as most any candidate could. But I recognize that it would be a huge fight requiring major repeals and reforms along the way. This is something that would take years, perhaps decades to accomplish. It would not happen overnight, and would require extensive over-hauls to the EPA, the Department of Energy, the tax code, and other major stumbling blocks, like repealing Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Trump has not offered any specifics, other than he knows how to make or walk away from a “deal”.
  • His willingness to take ISIS out, starting with bombing the oil-fields and sending in the Marines to clean up the mess with no pretty-please restrictions.

Why should the Republicans be thankful for the Donald’s entry into the race? That is very simple, he brought excitement, chatter, and exposure to the first primary debate, and thus to all candidates. 24 million households watched it, with close to 40 million people, while the first debate 4 years ago brought maybe 6 million households. Exposure is always a good thing.

To be clear, I am not on the Trump band-wagon just yet, he has a lot of convincing to go for my tastes. Even though he has generated a lot of excitement so far, it’s still early, and I’d be surprised if we are still talking about him as a viable candidate this time next year. Here are a few negatives which he needs to grow out of, and some of his past positions simply are not conservative at all.

  • Past statements indicated support for increased gun-control, bank bail-outs, the Stimulus, Planned Parenthood, and yes, even single-payer health plans.
  • A life-time of name-calling of anyone who offers any criticism. We’ve seen this on three or four occasions already. But the Donald is a “nice guy”, as he’s reminded us already way too many times. He only strikes out at those who attack him, in his opinion.
  • Admits that he was to the left of Hillary in 2004 by being against the war in Iraq.

Trump the Teenage Bully

Fox News, a Useful Idiot, and the Arrogance of Power

Trump is getting some surprising support. Mark Levin also was very critical of Fox News for the way they handled the first debate, but first, here is the Viewers View take:

▶ The Hard Line | Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson share their thoughts on the debate – YouTube

The interview above is worth a look, too.

▶ Levin on Fox News and the GOP Debate – YouTube

Mark Levin may disagree with me. Thanks to Bob Parks for the upload, above.

Other first debate observations:

Another Megan Kelly question launched some Rand Paul – Chris Christie fireworks over mass collection of digital meta-data by the NSA. While many pundits claimed that this was a win for Christie, I predict that he will be one of the first to drop out. Paul may have looked impatient, but he is correct. Get a warrant. The original Patriot Act was meant to track US communications across our borders, not every communication of every citizen or resident, as author Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin will attest. Paul is not going anywhere for the time being, and he has a role to play if the R’s are serious about pitching a big tent.

Marco Rubio had a good performance, as did Ted Cruz and Scott Walker. Jeb failed to impress, let alone dazzle. Dr Ben Carson had a good night with perhaps the best closing statement, but perhaps the biggest surprise was Carly Fiorina’s performance in the early debate. The pundits said she was the clear winner, overall.

I like Carly, she has clearly done her homework, and I was impressed with her at CPAC last winter. She was working it hard from start to finish every day. Yet, she seems to have some issues as well.

Carly: a flawed candidate

It will be a long, winding road to the RNC in Cleveland about one year from now. This is quickly shaping up to be one of the most entertaining primary run-ups in my lifetime. For that we can all thank Mr. Trump