Resources and Links

Here are some recommended sites, resources and links provided for easy reference. 

A work in progress, I will update this page from time to time.

Conservative Review

At some point or another, every voter has felt like they have been duped – sold a fake bill of goods. 

Links 400

American Thinker    

Alternate thoughts on the issues of the day

The Hillary Daily

Dick Morris’s running project.

Mark Levin Show

President of Landmark Legal Foundation, Constitutional scholar, member of the Supreme Court bar, and hugely successful talk show host and successful author, the Great One Lives here.

The Black Sphere

Kevin Jackson’s unique tell it like it is views

The Democrat Race Lie – Black & Right

Since socialists like to make everything about race, Parks sets the record straight


Wilkow Majority

Andrew Wilkow, the next generation . . .


J. D. Pendry

In the bunker

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Lawyer sites don’t have to be boring

The Legal Information Institute

Saul Alinsky’s 24 Rules for Radicals 

Here is the entire book:  Full text of “Rules for Radicals”

how to recognize when you’re being “played”

12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals Against Liberals

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. . . 

Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog

Some of the greatest Americans come from New Zealand

One Old Vet

A patriot


Political analysis from Erick Erickson and friends


Great satire from Scott Ott

Some Stuff You Should Know

Really, you should


A Canadian who believes in America

Tea Party Patriots

Got TEA?

The Economic Collapse

a great resource


Pamela Geller | Covering the news the media won’t cover.

Updated version of her previous blog, “Atlas Shrugs”. 

Walid Shoebat – Former Muslim Brotherhood Member

Walid knows Jihadis inside and out | All the Junk That’s Fit to Debunk

They do it well. Deep in the weeds stuff here.

Watts Up With That? | The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change

Anthony has been documenting man-caused global warming issues since the Al Gore days

Climate Depot

another huge climate science resource

Zero Hedge | On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Unique views on money and politics

Canada Free Press

…Because without America there is no Free World

Cato Institute | Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace

Social and economic freedom for a free people

Ten Planks of Communism

Published in the Orlando Sentinel in 1998 by Charlie Reese

Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record – from “The Naked Communist”

It is now over 50 years later, and the mission seems nearly complete

Collectivist Economic Planning_2.pdf Mises Institute

(PDF) Edited by F.A. Hayek, 1935. -nothing short of prophetic-

Economics in One Lesson

1946, Henry Hazlitt. A must-read for any study of economics.

Mises Institute

Austrian Economics, Freedom, and Peace

The Heritage Foundation: Conservative Policy Research and Analysis

The think tank lives here

American Enterprise Institute

the free markets think tank

Mary Ferrell Foundation

A national historical resource. You will be amazed at what you can find here.

Media Research Center

the nation’s premier media watchdog, founded by Brant Bozell

The Federalist Papers – THOMAS (Library of Congress)

The original text of the Federalist Papers

The United States Constitution – The U.S. Constitution Online

a complete resource

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

terrifying running totals for dozens of categories

Conservative news, politics, opinion: Townhall

literally dozens of contributors. since 1995

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