Electronic Benefit Transfer cards- The EBT

There has been a recent trend to celebrate the monthly EBT card, with WIC, food stamps and other welfare benefits preloaded, all in one place. Life is a gravy train with an EBT card!

“Use yo EBT, it’s free!”

Here are a few examples from YouTube.

>>>  Warning:  contains explicit, profane language. <<<

Here is the first, it’s a rap of the day.

The chicks from sunny California get into the rap act too. This one is even more explicit. It is allegedly a satire.

This thoughtful young lady has analysis here:

run time around 8 minutes, you can get the jist of her comments in the first two or three.

Real life TV story from Tampa, a mom with 12 kids living in a motel room. The story is in the left corner of this video.

Newspaper story here:

Mother, 12 children leave motel for new home


The din of room 168 at the Economy Inn on East Busch Boulevard occasionally drowned out conversation.

Twelve children ranging from teenagers to toddlers to infants spent the past week here, scrambling across the floor, bouncing on beds. With eyes filled with resignation on Wednesday morning, they were hungry and dirty and they wore the same clothes as the day before and the day before that.

Angel Adams, the mom, was asking for help, as the children rambled about the room. She was homeless and hopeless, she said. A relative paid for the motel room for a week, and after that, who knows. Her fiancé is in prison. Her 1-year-old is named John The Baptist Brown.

With measured indignation, Adams said somebody owes her.

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