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Rich Takes! On the Numbers:

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a petulant school boy, not unlike our current POTUS.

If anyone doesn’t agree with anything he says, his first response is to launch a character assassination attack, not unlike Saul Alinsky.

A very small Political Action Committee, consisting of one woman with a 20,000.00 budget recently posted a graphic meme featuring Melania in a nude photo shoot, asking the question is this what your next first lady should look like. I think it is a legitimate question, certainly the Dem’s opposition research files already were well aware of this shoot, which was published by Gentleman’s Quarterly in the UK around fifteen years ago. GQ-UK loves it, and they reposted the original article for all of our peeping Tom urges, and hits of course.

What is not commonly reported is that the shoot was taken on Donald’s gold-laden Boeing 727 jet at the time. Obviously with his full approval and knowledge. Now Trump and his people are laying the blame for this on Cruz, when we don’t even know if she even supports Cruz. By Federal law, it is illegal for POTUS campaigns to have any communication with PACs anyway. The Donald has only himself to blame, he approved the shoot, and now he should approve it again.

As always, my comments are in cayenne.

Here is RichTAkes! On the Numbers.


Donald Trump: Why Putin Loves Him  Putin-Trump

Putin Endorses Trump. Trump replies “It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond.”

Can Donald Trump or Ted Cruz Beat Hillary Clinton? A New National Poll May Surprise You

Not only does Trump lose to Hillary, the Senate and maybe even the House turns Democrat. How does Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sound to you?

>>Trump trails Hillary 54-36, and even if that’s a bit of an outlier, it is consistent with a long track record of Trump trailing Hillary badly, including by double digits in 5 of the last 7 national polls; the RCP polling average now has Trump down 50.4 to 39.0, a result that would lose him more than 40 states and have catastrophic down-ticket results for Republicans in the Senate and House. <<

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by majority – CBS/NYT poll

“…registered voters nationwide now hold negative opinions of the political parties’ current frontrunners. More than half of voters have unfavorable views of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; each has a net negative rating in the double-digits.”

Hills’ negatives are only 55%. The Donald’s are 59% These are the respective front-runners, unbelievable in a sane world.

RealClearPolitics – 2016 Election Presidential Polls

If it’s any credible poll, they have a link to it.

Mark Levin: I fear we’re going to get BLOWN OUT in the general election

It’s nearly a certainty if Trump wins the nomination. In over 150 national head to head polls, Trump loses most by double digits in all and loses in all but two to Hillary who is the weakest candidate that I’ve ever seen. In just the last few days, here are some numbers:

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 49, Trump 38 Clinton +11

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 46, Trump 40 Clinton +6

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Bloomberg Clinton 54, Trump 36 Clinton +18

General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 44, Cruz 47 Cruz +3

General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 45, Cruz 42 Clinton +3

General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton Bloomberg Clinton 51, Cruz 42 Clinton +9

Trumps ridiculous attacks against Cruz have moved things down for Cruz. Trump is getting no advantage himself.

Gutter Politics: Trump Retweets Image Attacking Cruz Wife’s Looks


The Future First Lady? See Melania Trump’s nude photo shoot

On the Donald’s jet! And now he is incensed, give me a break.

Cruz to Trump: You’re a ‘Sniveling Coward,’ Leave My Wife ‘The Hell Alone’

If only Ted Cruz can continue his anger and determination, things might look up for him

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “”@Don_Vito_08: “A picture is worth a thousand words” @realDonaldTrump #LyingTed #NeverCruz @MELANIATRUMP

Who the hell is Don Vito? I knew that Trump surrounds himself with goons, but really, this could be a Godfather movie. This is Trump’s Twitter post, If he doesn’t take it down.

Donald Trump: I brought my bible – YouTube

Trump panders to Iowa voters. It didn’t work.

Trump Endorses Greed to ‘Make America Great Again’

Donald Trump’s Huge Lies


Donald Trump Reveals What Would Be a DEVASTATING Video of Ted Cruz (If It Existed)

Breitbart Staffers Believe Trump Has Given Money To Site For Favorable Coverage

Andrew is likely turning over in his grave about now

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board – WaPo

If you can get through this incoherent diatribe with your brain not exploding, you are better than I.

It Takes a Majority | The Resurgent

It takes 1237 delegates to win the Republican nomination, 50% + 1. It has forever been this way since the very beginning of the party. During the second Republican National Convention in 1860, William Seward of New York had a large plurality of delegates, not a majority. Abraham Lincoln eventually become the nominee after four ballots.

If Donald Trump comes to the convention with only 45% of the delegates required, that also means that 55% of the delegates do not support him. The requirement to win a majority is designed to insure the full support of the greatest number (hopefully the entirety) of party supporters and members. It is a logical, simple, and fair requirement which has been in place since day one of the GOP. We should demand no less.

Lincoln’s Nomination

Lincoln Outfoxed Seward for the Nomination

Plurality Alone Won’t Entitle Trump to the Nomination | RealClearPolitics

2016 Delegate Count Tracker

Track the delegate count during this crazy season here, either Dem or Republican. 

One last indignity: The tea party swipes John Boehner’s seat

There is hope yet in the world

Natural Born Citizen | Ted Cruz | Marco Rubio | Bobby Jindal

Cruz has better documentation than Obama’s forgeries ever were

Ben Carson: Trump Promised Me a Job

A real disappointment

How Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Created ISIS

Was there ever any doubt?

Amazing letter to liberals from “the gun owner you hate”

Cologne’s Rape Jihad: Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam

This was posted well before the latest Brussels attacks

For Those Rushing To Move To Canada Under “President Trump”, A Few Warnings | Zero Hedge

In 50-49 vote, US Senate says climate change not caused by humans – Bangor Daily News

Falling Sea Level | Real Science

Is Al Gore surprised that sea level is not rising?

Ted Cruz ROCKS CPAC audience, rips on the Donald for skipping out!! [Full Speech and Q&A]

So now Trump has skipped two GOP debates and CPAC. What is he afraid of?

Glenn’s Closing Remarks at CPAC 2016

Glenn gets it right

Abortion Clinic Closes After Abortionist Failed to Report Rape of Two 13-Year-Old Girls

In my hometown, good for them!

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