Rich TAkes! on Canola Rapeseed Oil

I have long had an aversion to cooking with canola oil, it is produced primarily in Canada from rapeseed, a cousin of the mustard plant. It is essentially a weed. There are so many, far tastier cooking oils available anyway, why use an oil which contributes no flavor to your foods?  


Here is my Rich Takes! on Canola Oil

I am not totally opposed to GMOs, I think that it is a good thing to be able to grow corn, for example, that is resistant to pests. Or tomatoes which are resistant to various diseases. Yesterday I learned a little more about rapeseed and canola oil. It is an excellent industrial penetrating oil. It is used to produce glossy paper in magazines and brochures. Lot’s of great industrial uses, but why would anyone want to eat this stuff? WD-40 might be safer, it’s primary water-displacement agent is derived from fish oil. (don’t fry with WD, it’s too expensive anyway!)

Canola is also used in many commercial peanut butters and thousands of other processed foods. I’m a firm believer in reading the labels.

This is one GMO that I am not in favor of using, and you probably won’t be either after reading the following cross post written by  for Thank you Terrell for your taking the time to research this topic which affects us all.

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