Progressive Taking Points Memo: Obamacare Is Really A Conservative Idea?

Progressive Taking Points Memo:

Obamacare Is Really A Conservative Idea???

No, it’s not. Not even close.

After hearing for the umpteenth time that Obamacare was really a conservative initiative, I did a little research and found the original 1989 Heritage Foundation document. There was a household individual mandate involved…for catastrophic (high deductible major medical) insurance, which Heritage has since repudiated. Certain Republicans (Newt) also used points from this lecture during the Hillarycare debate. I’m not sure if this lecture ever represented official Heritage Foundation policy, there is a disclaimer which seems to suggest otherwise. The truth is that this outline has nothing in common with Obamacare today. The often heard progressive talking point is that Obamacare and the individual mandate is originally a conservative concept simply isn’t true. Most of the ideas put forth in the old Heritage plan reinforced individual choice and free market concepts, which are totally missing in Obamacare. 

Here is the last concluding paragraph from the 1989 document:



All of these measures, from the basic tax treatment of health care to the encouragement of long-term care insurance, would introduce a far greater degree of consumer activism into the health care market. This strategy, combined with a requirement for basic health coverage and the focusing of government assistance to those who need it most, would change the foundations of health care in America. Rather than the current system with its built-in inflation and enormous gaps in coverage, the result would be a system providing not only coverage to all but also a powerful set of incentives for the health care industry to be as efficient and consumer sensitive as possible.

Heritage filed an Amicus Brief opposing the individual mandate as envisioned by Obamacare. Here is a quote from the Friend of the Court Brief:

“Heritage policy experts never supported an unqualified mandate like that in the PPACA [ObamaCare]. Their prior support for a qualified mandate was limited to catastrophic coverage (true insurance that is precisely what the PPACA forbids), coupled with tax relief for all families and other reforms that are conspicuously absent from the PPACA. Since then, a growing body of research has provided a strong basis to conclude that any government insurance mandate is not only unnecessary, but is a bad policy option. Moreover, Heritage’s legal scholars have been consistent in explaining that the type of mandate in the PPACA is unconstitutional.”

More background here:

How the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative Think Tank, Promoted the Individual Mandate

Optical Character Recognition enabled (OCR) PDF here:

1989 Heritage Health Care OCR

The Nuclear Option TAkes!

Majority Leader Reid pushed through the Nuclear Option

today ending the Filibuster Rule (extended debate) in the Senate which has been in place for Senatorial “advise and consent” since the first session of the Senate convened in 1787. The only exception is to be Supreme Court nominees, but that is also up for grabs now.  Obama claimed that Republicans were stopping or obstructing “progress”, even though Democrats have put up huge roadblocks for Bush nominees, Obama has had a grand total of two nominees blocked during his term, while roughly 250 have been approved. Hardly the definition of obstruction. I suspect that he withheld several nominations knowing that they would not be approved,  he has submitted 30 or more nominations after Reid’s outrageous move today. Remember too, this is the guy who unilaterally deemed that the Senate was in recess and added three members to the National Labor Relations Board unconstitutionally, which the Court found, and McConnell even agreed to confirm two of them after the Court decision.

So that’s the breaking news. I’ll follow up in the next edition, here is the latest edition of

Rich TAkes!

▶ Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Private Data for Political Purposes – YouTube

Obamacare navigators potentially far more dangerous than just exercising Motor Voter while signing up folks for more free stuff. The main meat of this conversation is in the first 15 minutes, two hours of raw footage follows. Hey, “whatever it f*cking takes”

The Truth about Navigators

“If you liked ACORN, you’ll love the Obamacare Navigators.”

Did you know that November is Native American Heritage month? – GOP

Proclamation signed by Bush 41. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat.

President Romney? Yes, if the election were held today

CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want ObamaCare Changed or Repealed

WhatRecoveryWe tried to tell ya, and you still voted for Obama

Americans NOT in labor force hits record high 91.5 MILLION

Now we’re getting back to Jimmy Carter numbers, what an achievement!

Obama’s Second-Term Slide Continues | Pew Research Center

65% Disapprove of his Handling of Economy: His overall job rating stands at 41%, down 14 points since last December. A majority (53%) now disapproves of the way he is handling his job as president.

Inside America’s Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

Levers of power attacks on the freedom of the internet continues

George Zimmerman | Samantha Scheibe | 911 Call

Zimmerman needs to lay off cute dyed blondes for a few years

Was George Zimmerman Set Up ? – If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..

arrest report being Twittered, shopping media rights before the 911 call took place? That seems odd, doesn’t it?

UN climate talks fall apart as 132 countries storm out

The global warming hoax has always been about politicizing science and redistributing wealth, the last Rio UN conference came right out and admitted as much. Now when it comes down to brass tacks, the wannabe takers storm out, led by China, who very well may be the largest polluter on the planet.

Dems Hold ‘Closed-Door Discussion’ with NFL, NBA, NHL to Promote Climate Change Agenda

“Climate change alarmists have turned to recruiting sports leagues to promote eco-hysteria. Democrats in Congress are calling on the major sports leagues to promote climate change regulation and to answer what they are doing to limit greenhouse gases.”

Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

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If You lIke Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It. Period.

If you like your health plan, you can keep it? Seriously, Mr President?

Most, if not all of us who were and are opposed to Obamacare knew at the time that that statement was a lie. You won’t be able to keep your doctor or hospital either.

Which leads me to the Question of the Day:

<Why should the GOP lift a hand to help dig the Mighty O out of the hole he’s dug for himself?>    


The real answer is, they can’t.

Obama and the Dems have succeeded in destroying the finest health system the world has ever known, and none of us know the full extent of the damage yet. They have brazenly fashioned a noose as a neck-tie, and they will likely hang themselves with it.

While Obama pushed back the employer mandate, he did not suspend the law for those employers who already provide insurance. We will see those effects Jan 1.

His lame presser today means nothing. The law is the law, and any insurance company issuing private health insurance that does not comply with the law needs to fire their lawyers. He can’t say that we will show discretion via EO and provide immunity to the insurance companies for any potential litigation, and he has already shown that his word means nothing anyway.

The insurance companies will also not go along for a very practical reason, if they agree to revive the former policies, it will greatly reduce participation in the market exchanges, bringing on an insurance “death spiral”, which is coming anyway due to the ridiculously high rates being shown, if you are lucky enough to see them.

Boehner actually said something today that I agree with, there is no fixing Obamacare, other than a full repeal.

Anything less is suicide.

Obama’s Train Wreck TAkes!

The train wreck that is Obamacare


is just getting worse and worse as millions of Americans are beginning to realize that they will no longer have much say in their own health-care, and are seeing their insurance costs rising, if they are fortunate enough to still have health insurance. This will not only affect individual health insurance plans, it will affect everyone’s insurance. It will affect YOU! Obamacare was never designed to let you keep your insurance, or your doctor, if you like them, period. It was designed to take away your options, along with your health-care provider’s options. While you may have had dozens or hundreds of options in the past, we are now faced with a grand total of four choices, which are all basically the same thing, depending on premium and deductibility levels. This whole socialist wet-dream that is Obamacare merely sets the stage to demand that we all will need to ask permission from Uncle Sam to see a doctor, visit a hospital, and he (they) will direct you in all of their wise benevolence as to what sort of care you deserve. Doctors and other primary care providers will be forced into government approved hospital systems, since their government “exchange” payments will not pay the light-bills in private practice.  Those that resist will retire, find something else to do, or… I won’t go there, as much as I’d like. Government approved health insurance, besides being ridiculously more costly for a number of reasons, does not provide better health care, the result will be the exact opposite. Worse health care, lessened privacy, and your health records will be stored and accessed by the government, with the IRS forcing compliance that you must participate in one of their four officially approved plans.

With that said, here’s the latest edition of

Rich TAkes!

Bombshell – Obama High School Friend: Barry Soetoro “Portrayed Himself as a Foreigner”

“We knew Barry as,  just common knowledge, that girls were never anything that he was ever interested in, and as a young teenager… as a young girl… it was clear to me that Barry was strictly into men”

Larry Sinclair Dead Hours After Phone Call to Kevin DuJan

from Nov 2011… search>>>

Report: Mother Of Obama’s Murdered Gay Lover Speaks Up

Wright’s Trinity UCC flashback from 2011

Obamacare By Morning, at the CMAs

Obama grasps for climate legacy as second-term agenda crumbles

Look for yet another round in the War On Coal (and oil, and even natural gas)

Obama’s Ex-Bodyguard: Scandals ‘Worse Than You Know’ – YouTube

retired Secret Service agent Dan Bongino comments about privacy, liberty and the NSA.

Indiana Senate leader working toward U.S. constitutional convention

A Hoosier once again leading the way towards the Liberty Amendments

Conventional Thinking

Seth Lipsky: Reflections on Mark Levin’s brilliant call for a convention of the states.

Judicial Watch/True the Vote to Court: Require Indiana to Clean Up Voter Rolls

DOJ sued Florida for doing that very thing.

Keynesian Theory in 5 min

Peter Schiff: Keynesian vs Austrian Economics – YouTube

Schiff predicted the crash of 2008 in 2005.

President Obama’s Recovery Is Now $1.3 Trillion Below Average

since WWII. It’s not a recovery, it’s barely treading water

Senate Republicans Daring Democrats to Go Nuclear

Will an interesting game of “Chicken” develop?

IRS’ Lois Lerner gave confidential Tea Party tax info to FEC, violating law

Just a part of why she pled the Fifth? Issa is still due to subpoena her again.

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Rich TAkes! on Halloween

RichTAkes! on Halloween

Why Obamacare should scare the wits out of you.

White House Predicted in 2010 That 93 Million Would Lose Their Health Plans Under ObamaCare Dr Obama

your group coverage will be on the chopping block next

As Obamacare Takes On Water, The Electorate Wakes Up To Its Horrors

Report: White House exerting ‘massive pressure’ on insurance companies to keep quiet

setting up the insurance death spiral

Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance

HHS issued regulations within the first three months of ACA passage, mostly nullifying the plain language for grandfathered health insurance plans in the bill. The insurance companies are simply complying with the regulations.

Hill aides can quietly stay off health exchanges

Members of the House and Senate allow their aides to stay off the exchange, keep their current coverage.

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes

No surprise here. Just wait until the employer mandate kicks in, just before the ’14 mid-terms

HIDDEN CAM PRANK! Obama’s Halloween! – YouTube

a lesson in redistributive change

Obamacare shock: $12,600 deductible, 40 percent co-pay, zero competition


the CBO report showing that at least 30 million will still be uninsured.

Bradley Allen: ObamaCare 2016: Happy Yet?

the nightmare has only just begun…

More Americans In 3 States Have Had Their Insurance Canceled Under ObamaCare Than Have Filed An Exchange Account In All 50

total individual policy cancellations due to Obamacare projected to exceed 14 million

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The Hissy Fit TAkes!

Now that the Republican’s have surrendered,

thanks to the Democrat-Lite wing of the Republican Party, it’s time to review Obama’s Hissy Fit which he exhibited during the partial government shutdown. After the disastrous launch of Obamacare at healthcare <dot> gov, he should have taken the Republicans up on their offer to delay the individual mandate for another year.

NPS Threatened WWII Vets With Arrest But Now Opens Mall For Union Bosses’ Immigration Rally During Shutdown

attempting to keep the Veterans from the viewing the memorial they helped build, while accepting an illegal alien rally at the national Mall 


Signs say National Mall closed, but immigration reform rally is a go

close the Mall to citizens, invite in thousands of illegals. Check.

Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

Lake Mead property owners forced out until shutdown ends

National Park rangers ordered to keep visitors out of privately run businesses

just following orders

Rushmore blockage stirs anger in S.D. | Argus Leader

Trey Gowdy Berates National Parks Director for Favoring ‘Pot-Smoking’ Occupiers Over ‘Veterans’

“Do you consider it First Amendment activity to walk to a monument that you helped build, or is it only just smoking pot at McPherson Square?”

good question! 

Obama plays POLITICS with LOST CHILDREN, shuts down Amber Alert website

The new civility: Dems turn public debate into schoolyard taunts

extortionists, arsonists, terrorists?

The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain

a list of illogical, unnecessary, and shockingly spiteful moves our government is making in the name of essential and non-essential.

State DNR refuses federal directive to close some popular parks

liberals still have a thing for Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin

People angry they can’t pay their respects at Flight 93 Memorial

PRUDEN: The cheap tricks of the game

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment.

“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.

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