The Seduction TAkes!

This Tuesday will be the Wisconsin Primary, and it looks like Cruz and Sanders are going to win going away. While this will be a set-back for both Clinton and Trump, they both face larger issues. For Trump, this looming loss will likely mean that he won’t get to a majority of delegates to seal the deal on the first ballot in Cleveland. It would take divine intervention for him to win on a second or subsequent ballot. 

For Clinton, this will mean that the delegate count will be close to neck and neck discounting the Democrat Super Delegates, who can change their support at any time. Even worse, the FBI investigation into her personal email server and the national security issues that entails should be wrapped up by the end of the month. If the FBI issues a referral to the DOJ all bets are off.

Finally, some guy named John Kasich is still in the Republican race, even though he has no mathematical chance of winning the nomination, and can not even be nominated on the RNC convention floor under current rules, or even the rules from 2008. We’ll deal with Kasich first. At this point his presence only serves to stop Cruz, not Trump  kasich-issues

For A Republican, John Kasich Looks A Helluva Lot Like A Democrat  >>


<<A nice letter from Bill to John in 1994 thanking him for his support on Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban.

(<<Click for full size image)

Ted Cruz: No, Rule 40 shouldn’t be changed to make John Kasich eligible for the nomination

40B is the rule that states that a candidate must have a majority of delegates from 8 states in order to even be nominated on the Convention floor. This was changed from simply winning a plurality of delegates in 5 states in 2012 after it was discovered that the IA delegation had been taken over by Paul supporters even though Santorum and Romney virtually tied for first place in IA. (Santorum eventually won with mere dozens of votes to spare two weeks after caucus night.)

There is no way at this point that Kasich can meet either the 2008 or 2012 standard to even be nominated at the Convention. You gotta wonder what the heck is he doing by continuing in the race. At this point he is merely blocking downfield for Trump. A vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump.

Donald Trump: The Art of Seduction  Trump-Aid

If you really want to know what is going on with Trump supporters, and why no amount of discussion will help them to acknowledge certain (any?) facts and issues with his candidacy, read this piece. It’s a cult! It’s mass hypnotization! It’s seduction! Read this, seriously!

Trumpism Is A Cult, Stop Pretending It’s Not

Trump and the Death of Reason

Scott Ott Gets Serious: What if Trump Really Gets Elected? 

Scott delivers a sincere and heartfelt plea. TrumpRoeRaid

Donald Trump’s Abortion Comments: It’s Time for Conservative Blackout  

‘Mental.’ ‘Utterly Stupid.’ ‘Trump Only Cares About Trump.’

(AUDIO) Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Is Mental

And Annie is a big Trump supporter!

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton’s Doormat to the White House

Why There Will Be No Trump Landslide in November. If he is nominated, the landslide will be all Democrat. Here’s another reason:

Trump Upside down


Can Donald Trump or Ted Cruz Beat Hillary Clinton?

Trump is the Titanic. Ted Cruz is the Lifeboat.

One Map Shows Why a Trump vs Hillary Matchup Will Be Nothing Like the Fight You’ve Expected

Inside Trump’s inner circle, his staffers are willing to fight for him. Literally – WaPo 

Trump aide charged with misdemeanor battery vs. Breitbart writer

Trump apologists swarmed to Lewandowski’s defense.

Trump’s delegate danger – POLITICO

Former Aide, Worried About Trump’s Knowledge Gaps, Now Backs Cruz

A Full List of Donald Trump’s Rapidly Changing Policy Positions – NBC News

Boom: Cruz 40, Trump 30 in New Wisconsin Poll

The latest two polls returned similar results. We’ll know next Tuesday

10 Things Trump Said But Says He Didn’t

Michelle Fields: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board

I’m not a bad person. I’m just doing my thing – I’m, you know, running, I want to do something that’s good. It’s not an easy thing to do. I had a nice life until I did this, you know. This is a very difficult thing to do.

Cruz to Trump: You’re a ‘Sniveling Coward,’ Leave My Wife ‘The Hell Alone’

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “”@Don_Vito_08: “A picture is worth a thousand words” @realDonaldTrump #LyingTed #NeverCruz

It’s now 12 days later, and this insulting re-tweet is still up. It would require an apology if he took it down, wouldn’t it?

Donald Trump Has 37 percent. Hard to Get to 270 Electoral Votes

As a vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump, a vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton, Sanders or the eventual Democrat nominee. Trump will have a landslide for the Dems to look forward to in the general this fall.

CBO Misses Its Obamacare Projection by 24 Million People

Can’t blame the CBO, we know who to blame.  

Remember,   PSA immigrants

Feeling ‘Betrayed,’ Wealthy Businessman to Take on Paul Ryan in Primary Challenge

Ryan deserves to defend his seat at the very least.

Hillary ‘had several abortions’, kept Chelsea for political appearances

“I’m sure if she is a lesbian it’s not fun,” Miller says frankly. When she was asked … where she heard Hillary Clinton was a lesbian, she responded, “Bill told me!”

Bill & Hill

Role of tech who set up Clinton’s server unknown to bosses at State

Second judge grants discovery in Clinton email lawsuit

things are rapidly winding up. 

Communism Part IV: American Radicals | Glenn Beck

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA” | Zero Hedge

I like Zero Hedge, yet this is strictly for your consideration. Several of the links point to the Russian Times.

Rush: Liberals see right wing as bigger threat than Islam

It’s no secret that Hillary, Obama and Sanders all consider anyone who believe that the Constitution should be followed as the larger threat.

Appellate Court’s Blistering Takedown of IRS, DOJ over Targeting Conservatives is Awe-Inspiring

See above.

IRS rebuked for tea party targeting, ordered to release secret list

And again.

Rich TAkes! On the Primary Stakes

Rich TAkes! On the Primary Stakes

Tonight will be the last Republican debate before Super Tuesday so I thought that I’d post some of my reading material about the candidates in general fromElect Ted the past few weeks. Trump has just come off a resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses where he managed to outfit many of the election officials in official Trump hats and Tees. Jeb Bush has dropped out after South Carolina, while Kasich and Carson vow to stay in to the convention. Meanwhile, on the Democrat side, Hillary and Sanders are duking it out for the communist and felon vote. Finally, Antonin Scalia passed away a week or so ago, reminding us on why we absolutely have to get this election right. We may not have another chance. I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz for President, and I hope you do too.  

Rush broadcast a classic rant the other day below, and I hope you enjoy this edition of RichTAkes! 

Rush: What This Election Is Really About and What’s Really at Stake

“…if we’re serious about stopping this transformation of America, it isn’t gonna be easy, and winning an election is not gonna send a signal to the other side to stand down, you lost.  They don’t look at it that way.  This is a fight between socialism and capitalism, freedom versus tyranny, however you want to categorize.  There isn’t any overlap.”

Ted Cruz Fought the Washington Establishment. Donald Trump Donated to it

Antonin Scalia, Justice on the Supreme Court, Dies at 79 – The New York Times

Rest in Peace, Nino

Krauthammer: Back Mitch Now, Then Win One For Nino This Fall

Rs need to stand firm and forestall any confirmation until the next POTUS swears in. 

I’m not holding my breath.

NEWT GINGRICH: The wisdom of Antonin Scalia

“I hope to impart to you the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity.”

Obama Administration Enabling Noncitizen Voting; DOJ Conflict of Interest

They’ve been doing that for years, it’s time to put a stop to all vote fraud

Kathleen Willey: Hillary will have to shoot me to stop me 

Hill has a lot of baggage, doesn’t she?person of interest

EXCLUSIVE–Linda Tripp: ‘Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women’

Yoko Ono: “I Had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s” 

At least 1,730 Clinton emails contain classified material

Byron York: In South Carolina, Bush family, friends gather as end nears

Jeb dropped out as advertised. I wish him well.

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