The Undocumented TAkes!

None of the pollsters, consultants and other political pros seem to know what is happening with the rise of Trump, while it is all very simple, really.

We’re all really, really pissed-off! 


Trump offered his immigration plan with the help of Senator Jeff Sessions, with whom I agree with at least 98% of the time.

Here are some of the bullet-points:

Build a fence. Secure the border. I really don’t care who pays for it.

End birth-right citizenship. The 14th Amendment actually states the exact opposite of our current policy.

Defund the so-called sanctuary cities. They are also lawless.

Enact mandatory E-Verify. At the moment, it’s voluntary, even though most businesses will not willing hire a known illegal alien.

Here is my biggest gripe, there is no such thing as an “undocumented” illegal alien. I’m pretty sure that they all have documents, they just aren’t American documents.

To those who claim that a person can not be illegal, if an alien is present in the US without legal sanction, you *are* an illegal alien subject to deportation.

It is time to end the invasion, and our current administration has been doing everything they can to encourage the invasion.

I was shocked to hear many pundits claim that the 14th would need to be repealed to end birth-right citizenship. I might suggest that these pundits haven’t actually read the 14th Amendment. It states the exact opposite. 14th Amendment

If aliens have a child in the US, the parents are subject to the jurisdiction of their native country for everything beyond our criminal code. The 14th makes it clear that their offspring do not automatically enjoy US citizenship solely due to the location of their birth, their parents had no legal jurisdiction at the time.   Continue reading The Undocumented TAkes!