Hitler and a Moral Dilemma

Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao.

Perhaps the five most controversial figures in the industrial era. All extremely bad guys, all communist/progressive/socialists. All in some way perpetrators of cleansing, eugenics, and holocaust. Why they are still exerting influence over our daily politic I can’t imagine. Why are we still embracing these underlying Marxist philosophies is beyond all logic, as well as any portion of my comprehension.

Who is Hitler? Who is the guy in the mustache? Was Adolf Hitler good or evil? Was he responsible for killing 11 million in the Holocaust besides the casualties of war? Only 6 million were Jews, the other 5 million were the lame, sick, mentally or physically challenged, and of course gypsies and negros.Undesirables one and all for the new master race.

The Storm Troopers lined up box car loads of Jews in front of a huge pit in eastern Poland and mowed them down by machine-gun fire. Not all were dead. They command you to operate a bulldozer and fill in the pit. What would you do? Would you bury the survivors alive, or would you take the bullet?

Your answer might surprise you.

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