Rich TAkes! for April 22, 2012

Rich TAkes!

~ a collection of links I found interesting lately ~

Into The Wild: Lost Conversations From Steve Jobs’ Best Years

 Apples are Growing in American Homes

Ray Easterling dead: NFL star kills himself after lifetime of depression ‘brought on by concussion’

Drone Use Takes Off on the Home Front

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life

Surveys: Republicans more open-minded, better informed than Democrats

Democrats Increasingly Abandon Obama on Health Care And Keystone

I hear there is an election coming up

Gun industry’s economic impact skyrockets during Obama years

the “Obama factor”

Marco Rubio pushes his own DREAM Act

no path to citizenship?

Farewell, the New Frontier

Obama kills the Space Race, after Bush laid out a path to the moon again

Vatican orders crackdown on ‘radical’ nuns in the US

it’s about time

Hillary supporter’s untold Obama horror stories

stories about how Obama stole the primaries away from Hillary

Don’t Do Business with Progressive Appeasers

Dem Senator Doesn’t Know If He Will Vote For Obama

GSA Made Up ‘Jackass Award’ to Justify Dinners

Welfare abuse runs deep – Bail Me out of Jail with My EBT

Mort Zuckerman: President Obama’s Economic Programs Have Failed

Record 88 Million not in Labor Force- Complete Employment Analysis

KNIGHT: Earth Day co-founder written out of history

so what if he composted his wife?


Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior,

 close coordination with White House and news organizations

Disabled America: 5.4 Million Join Social Security Disability Insurance Rolls Under Obama

hey, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits ran out!

LEAKED STRATFOR EMAILS: Democrats Tampered With 2008 Election

4 Indiana Dems charged with election fraud in 2008 presidential race

Special prosecutor in Indiana Obama election fraud case raises “Red Flags”

Mitt Romney warns NRA against an ‘unrestrained’ second-term Obama 

Chuck Woolery On Democracy – YouTube

Man Dies After Peeing On ‘L’ Tracks In Evanston

they call it the third rail for a reason . . . 

Officials from Egypt’s Brotherhood at White House

Cloward-Piven Government

Gun rights advocate and former Obama colleague: President used to treat him as ‘evil’

libs would just love to take everyone’s guns

“Moderate Caucus” chair urges Cheney’s execution

love and peace


On autos and energy:

The Mustang Becomes an Obamamobile

York: Obama faces defeat on Keystone pipeline

Engineers, scientists, astronauts ask NASA administration to look at empirical evidence rather than climate models

Global warming: Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions

Barack Obama, Auto Expert – By Henry Payne 

Economic Study Shows EPA Regulations Increase Prices, Kill Jobs

who would have ever thought that excessive regulations would lower prices and create jobs?

Obama Administration Spends $17.4 Million to Explore Market for Carbon Credits

Al Gore and friends already tried that once, but these libs just don’t give up

YouTube – Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

This is from an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in Jan of ’08, yet this quote did not appear in the resulting newspaper article. Three days before the election this vid hit the net, too little, too late. So far, his policies in office have backed up his words here.


Stunning percentage agrees with Sheriff Joe

close to 50% of Americans are “birthers”?

Lord Monckton: Sheriff Joe, posse ‘right to be worried’

does Monckton have a dog in the hunt?

Lord Monckton, questioning Obama’s citizenship

Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth

imagine that!

Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school

Full-blown media cover-up of hottest U.S. story

“foreign student” claimed that Bill Ayers was just a neighbor.

JustiaGate: ‘Natural Born’ Supreme Court Citations Disappear

Minor v. Happersett – 88 U.S. 162 (1874) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

like magic, it’s back

Selective Service

another forgery? 

E-Verify on Obama yields SSN mismatch

American Citizens’ Demand for Justice Against the Overthrow of the U.S. Constitution

Obama’s ineligibility: Our Lexington and Concord moment is coming

‘I created Obama’s certification of birth’

I have this guy’s Photo-Bucket image which was presented as authentic by multiple folks, including the White House

Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record ‘forged’

It’s on!

On the day the White House released Obama’s Long Form Certificate of Live Birth, almost immediately stories hit the net claiming that the document was not a simple scan but was assembled on a computer. It was created on a Mac, no less. I attempted to make a (clumsy) screen movie showing different objects, layers, and even the computer used. I can verify everything in the following Tubes and have done most of it, but there’s no point in watching mine, this stuff is better.

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 1 ( Layers )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 2 ( Optimizing )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 3 ( Short Form )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 4 ( OCR / Optimizing 

Corsi: Hawaii Detective Charges: ‘Birth Certificate’ A Fraud – The Paramus Post 

Update: Obama Birth Certificate Forged – Absolute Proof Presented Here!

Online ‘birth certificate’ document ‘was changed’

Uh-Oh Of The Day | Black & Right

I have contributed my two cents in this thread.

Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards

Forgeries rarely do.

The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery

Thanks for looking!

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