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~ a collection of links I found interesting lately ~

Dirty Spending Secrets

it is worse than you thought


Ten  Planks of Communism

a link from 1999

‪Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Drug Addict‬‏

theyr’e on crack, aren’t they?

Herman Cain: My business plan for America

‘South California’ proposed as 51st state by Republican supervisor

Landmark US-Mexico trucking agreement resolves 15-year conflict

Teamsters’ Push For Shorter Hours May Leave Drivers Very Short On Pay

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “fixing” what ain’t broken

American Citizens’ Demand for Justice Against the Overthrow of the U.S. Constitution

Obama’s ineligibility: Our Lexington and Concord moment is coming

“Operation Fast and Furious”

43 weapons in Phoenix traffic stop linked to ATF strategy

Bordergate? Did Eric Holder lie to Congress? Does Obama know?

Issa: DOJ Covering Up on Mexican Gun-Running Scandal

Gunwalker: The ATF’s Kenneth Melson Blows the Whistle on the Justice Department

Justice Department Obstructing ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Probe, ATF Director Says

‘Gunwalker’ Whistleblower: ATF Director ‘Horribly Irresponsible’

it’s time to abolish the ATF, they have no responsibilities that the FBI can not handle

Dear Obama – Gun Owners Of America

51 page pdf of the official Oversight report of Operation Fast and Furious, aka, Project Gunrunner


A huge political storm is stirring over farm dust

let’s just outlaw dust!

If you love the IRS, you’ll love Obamacare

ummmm, right! 

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: 

IRS Should Expand Its Strategic Approach to Implementation

from the GAO, includes link to the full report 

YouTube – ‪Dick Morris TV; Lunch ALERT! What Motivates Obama?‬‏

Morris compares the American concept of Liberty to the European socialist model. Guess which one Obama is pursuing? 

Holder Launches Witch Hunt Against Biased Banks

it’s really government sanctioned racketeering, once again

Let’s Return Israel To It’s Pre-1967 Borders, Around 1500BC

The President’s Loophole Lie

not content with solely attacking Boeing, Obama goes after private aircraft too. 

then he hops onboard Air Force One to appear at two fund-raisers

Makers of corporate jets stung by Obama tax plan

This “subsidy” is simply a 5 year depreciation schedule instead of 7 years, and was included in the “Stimulus” bill.

It looks like a good way to send even more people to the unemployment line

President Quixote’s Legacy: Confused, Ill-Educated and Not Too Bright

July 4th – Thomas Sowell

Seductive Beliefs – Thomas Sowell

Seductive Beliefs: Part II – Thomas Sowell New Zeal Blog » The Svart New Face of US Socialism

 YouTube – Janet Naploitano Appoints Homeland Security Advisor

B.O. REGIME APPOINTS New US Homeland Security Advisor Head Of Organization With Ties To Global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas

Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History

a very old page listing the various socialist/marxist movements of the world, still a fine resource

YouTube – B&R Remastered: September 2008

A look back at how government meddling in the real estate market got us into the mess that we are still faced with today

Ronald Reagan: Britain’s finest friend, America’s finest president

YouTube – Ronald Reagan – Liberty State Park Speech [Pt. 1]

YouTube – Ronald Reagan – Liberty State Park Speech [Pt. 2]

YouTube – Ronald Reagan debates Obama policies.

the contrast is clear

Judge Sides With Polar Bears

listing polar bears endangered for purely political reasons


From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction department . . .

Upper East Side Woman: 

Sanitation Worker Chased, Ticketed For Using City Trash Can

Black bear, Florida bicyclist collide

Whoa, Baby! Texas Mom Delivers 16-Pound Newborn

Diet drinks make you fat

make mine with all of the sugar and caffeine please

Man Arrested After Craigslist Pot Post

“got any munchies, dude?”

Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing

convicted of spanking her child . . .

Lawsuit Claims Drunken Sex at 85 mph

no one will admit to actually driving the car


Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2010

usual suspects, nothing new here

KNIGHT: Vote fraudsters redouble efforts – Washington Times

ACORN has simply renamed itself with dozens of new names

Delinquent Homeowners to Get Mortgage Help From Government – CNBC

it was government help that got us into this mess to begin with

Firms to cut health plans as reform starts: survey 

did anyone believe that you could keep your insurance (unless you are a Federal employee)?

Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines

no greenie out cry over this

True Cost of Fannie, Freddie Bailouts: $317 Billion, CBO Says

it’s probably even higher


On autos and energy:

Economic Study Shows EPA Regulations Increase Prices, Kill Jobs

who would have ever thought that excessive regulations would lower prices and create jobs?

Obama Administration Spends $17.4 Million to Explore Market for Carbon Credits

Al Gore and friends already tried that once, but these libs just don’t give up

YouTube – Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

This is from an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in Jan of ’08, yet this quote did not appear in the resulting newspaper article. Three days before the election this vid hit the net, too little, too late. So far, his policies in office have backed up his words here.

AEP says it will close five coal plants to comply with EPA regs – The Hill’s E2-Wire

making electricity rates skyrocket . . . according to plan

Oil “subsidy” and “tax breaks” nonsense

A business expense is not a subsidy, nor is it a tax break

President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout

another area that is much worse than you think

Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record ‘forged’

It’s on!

On the day the White House released Obama’s Long Form Certificate of Live Birth, almost immediately stories hit the net claiming that the document was not a simple scan but was assembled on a computer. It was created on a Mac, no less. I attempted to make a (clumsy) screen movie showing different objects, layers, and even the computer used. I can verify everything in the following Tubes and have done most of it, but there’s no point in watching mine, this guy’s stuff is better.

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 1 ( Layers )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 2 ( Optimizing )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 3 ( Short Form )

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof 4 ( OCR / Optimizing 

Corsi: Hawaii Detective Charges: ‘Birth Certificate’ A Fraud – The Paramus Post 

Update: Obama Birth Certificate Forged – Absolute Proof Presented Here!

You’re forged! Trump declares Obama’s birth certificate fake

Online ‘birth certificate’ document ‘was changed’

Uh-Oh Of The Day | Black & Right

I have contributed my two cents in this thread.

Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards

Forgeries rarely do.


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