Ronald Reagan Speech at Liberty State Park, NJ

Much ado has recently been made of the fact that  Jon Huntsman announced his Republican Presidential candidacy at the very same place as Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy, at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty. This is not exactly correct, Ronald Reagan gave his Liberty Park speech on Labor Day, 1980, a mere two months before the election. He actually taped his announcement speech which was delivered on November 13, 1979, according to the Reagan Library.

Reagan did deliver one of his most powerful speeches at Liberty State Park, and in many ways still rings true today. You can substitute Obama for Carter in this speech and not lose a thing in the translation, the parallels are eery. We need a candidate who is not afraid to hit Obama as hard as Reagan hit Carter in this speech.

Here is Part One of Reagan’s Liberty Park speech:

Here is Part Two:

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