Special 11th 911 eXtra Edition

Rich TAkes!

here is a special edition of links about the recent September Eleventh Acts of War in Libya

U.S. military suspends joint patrols with Afghans – CBS News

prior to the 911 attack, Afghani military have been turning on and murdering their US training counterparts

NightWatch 20120913 – KGS

 an open-sourced intelligence analysis of the attack

Obama to Condemn Christian Filmmaker Before United Nations

 the apology tour continues

Caroline Glick :: The 9/11 attacks on the US embassies were not about a movie

Inside the US consulate in Benghazi: material and human damage laid bare

The Rape of Christopher Stevens

warning: graphic copy

Reports: Marines Not Permitted Live Ammo

What’s Worse: No Marines, or (Possibly) Unarmed Marines?

The Day Obama Became Toxic: After Libya, We Cannot Trust Him—Barack Must Fall

Al Qaeda, ex-Gitmo detainee involved in consulate attack, intelligence sources say

 we released this guy in 2007 on the condition that he remain incarcerated. He was released in 2008?

Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack

Was Obama too busy with fund-raising to care?

Why Did The White House Take So Long To Admit Libya Attack Was Terrorism?

it’s easier to blame a very bad movie clip than to admit that somebody screwed up

Republican senators decry ‘useless, worthless’ Clinton briefing on Libya attack

Senate GOP furious newspaper got better briefing on Libya

A complete Senate briefing wouldn’t have had as good a reception as the NY Times or the WSJ

German Press Review on Middle East Violence against US Embassies – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Europeans got it long before the US Press. A round-up of Euro press reports following the attack

Foreign Media: US Foreign Policy under Obama in Ruins

Revealed: inside story of US envoy’s assassination

CNN Hides Facts: Cairo Riots Not About ‘Offensive’ American Movie, But Freedom of Blind Sheik

~ In Other News ~

New iOS 6 Loses Google Maps, but Adds Other Features – NYTimes.com

President Obama Issues Executive Order on Carbon Emissions and Industrial Efficiency

Obama’s war on energy continues

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