RichTAkes! Slaying Obamacare and Aliens too!

Some links that I’ve found interesting lately,

Chicago’s ban against SELLING guns has been tossed. Obama’s approval rating hits an all-time low. And now the EPA is going after wood stoves, get yours today while you still can.

KRAUTHAMMER: GOP must stop the bailout … and slay Obamacare

Chas is perhaps the smartest political analyst on the planet

“Aliens Exist’ Says Canada’s Former Defense Minister


Obamacare, where the liberal dream crashes and burns

“The biggest threat to Obamacare is not Republicans. The biggest threat is Murphy’s Law, along with its corollary, the Law of Unintended Consequences. These are the most powerful laws in the world. They are even more powerful than the Affordable Care Act, and they are the nemesis of all master plans. Evidently, the President and his merry band of wonks had never heard of them.”

Obama’s approval rating hits all-time low in Colorado

Chicago gun ban ruled unconstitutional

again. this time, the ban on retail licensed gun shops is tossed

Paul Ryan Twisted Truth to Sell Budget Deal to House

how many House members do you suppose read any of it?

Hitler survivor tells Americans: ‘Buy more guns!’

This is the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014

‎What Catastrophe?

Meet Richard Lindzen, one of America’s pioneering and foremost climate scientists

EPA proposes restrictions for new wood stoves

Nixon is rolling over in his grave, his EPA is way out of control

That Scientific Global Warming Consensus…Not!

Climate alarmists’ search for proof going cold

Antarctic crew build ice helipad to help rescuers

Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat… because of too much ice: Stranded Antarctic ship’s crew will be rescued by helicopter

Frozen Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission

nope, no media bias here, move along now

Scientists reject claims of record cold being caused by ‘global warming’ – Time Mag. blamed ‘polar vortex’ on ‘global cooling’ in 1974

Newspaper Removes ‘Socialist’ Description of Accused Arapahoe High School Shooter

no bias here either


ten minute mini-matinee: trained stunt driver on a closed course, do not try this at home.

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Mistletoe and Grave Danger: The Semi-banana Republic TAkes!

I’m sure that I could post new stuff from now until the mid-terms about the destruction of our health care system currently underway with Obamacare. In the meantime, here is a round-up of other recent stories that I’ve found interesting lately. The latest Obamacare stuff is at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the 

Mistletoe and Grave Danger:

The Semi-banana Republic TAkes!

The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

“Barack Obama is a man with only one core conviction.”

If You Like Your Uncle, You Can Keep Him. Period.

Uncle Omar has been ordered deported at least three times. Now they are issuing him a green card.

Noteworthy quote: 

“… today nothing of significance happens without a plan written by some government bureaucrats, approved by other government bureaucrats, who then grant permission to another set of government bureaucrats to study the problem in conjunction with lawyers/lobbyists who then consult their friends on ways to make matters worse.” 

John Ransom

 Socialists believe that you are free to do anything you want, as long as it is mandated.

▶ • 11 year old Madison Root: The Mistletoe Girl • Glenn Beck • 12/5/13 • – YouTube

Unofficial spokesperson for the Working Hard, Hard Work Ethic Club. Contrast her story with the

Socialist Paradise Activity Director below:

“I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…”

“Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.”…”Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?”


 Here is a comparison of the original ten planks of the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848, along with the American adopted counterpart of each of the planks. The American people have truly been “buried in Communism” by their own politicians of both parties.  Ten  Planks of Communism Wiki: The Communist Manifesto

Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

January 10, 1963

Current Communist Goals



At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen: Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record

45 points that ring eerily true today.

What is Conservatism?

A contrast of Ten planks on the meaning and implications of conservatism.

Venezuela seizes another asset: Toilet paper factory

Socialists love seizing private property

David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’

“As a child of the ’60s, I accepted as an article of faith that government is corrupt, that business is exploitative, and that people are generally good at heart.”  Does anyone else see a conflict here? From March, 2008

On The Nuclear Option And Obamacare, The Greatest Act Of Punitive Liberalism

America has gone from government of laws to semi-political banana republic

Pat Caddell: “We are in grave danger.”

Democrats Rein In Senate Filibusters

Nuking away 200 years of Senate rules by simple majority

Democrats end Senate tradition, trigger ‘nuclear option’ to ram through Obama’s judicial nominees

“…we are proving one thing, and that is, if the majority only can change the rules, then there are no rules”

How Harry Reid Just Nationalized the 2014 Midterms

Senate mid-term horse race notes: How the nuclear option will hurt the Dems Senate races next year. Not that Reid or Obama will care.

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RichTAkes! on Macintosh Mavericks

I recently installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks on a test drive.

Here is the RichTAkes! Mavericks update report.

I discovered two items of interest last week. First, I’m eligible for a corporate discount on Apple products, which I discovered quite by accident, I was looking for rental car discounts. Secondly, Apple is offering OS X Server for only 19.99 through the App Store. Mavericks 10.9 is required. This might open up loads of possibilities.

When I was the Mac IT guy for a weekly rag back in 2003 I paid around 300.00 for a second-hand copy of AppleShare IP, I don’t remember how many clients it supported. (I still have an un-opened 10 Client version of AppleShare IP 6.3). I used it strictly for the local (LAN) network, and it was capable of some amazing things in OS 9. For twenty bucks, it’d be fun to set up a server again, I have never admined an OS X system before.

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Boston Bomber’s Edition

Rich TAkes: Boston Bombers Edition

some links I found interesting lately

New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Links Boston Explosion to GOP, Others Pile On

 CNN Analyst Suggests ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Could Be Behind Boston Bombing

SALON: Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American

“Please don’t let it be a Muslim” –

Radical Jihadis never surrendered in their war against us, did they?

Thank you, SALON, for admitting where you really stand.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah Cheer Boston Marathon Bombings

they really celebrated when the World Trade Center was taken down

Congressional Source Contradicts ICE Account, Says Lawmakers in Possession of File on Saudi National That Called for Visa Revocation

“Innocent” Saudi spotted with two other Saudis at Marathon? | Walid Shoebat

Boston Bombing Suspect in Custody, Say Police – ABC News

Three college aged individuals were taken into custody by the FBI late this afternoon in connection with the manhunt

 CNN National Security Analyst Warns Of ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Behind Boston Bombings

DHS Suggests Christians, Constitutionalists Should Get Extra Surveillance From LEOs

Former Dem Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Says Government Carried Out Boston Terror Attack

McKinney is still an idiot 

Obama administration has SLASHED budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45 per cent, says former DHS Assistant Secretary

Boston Terrorists Mother Says She’s “100 Percent Sure This Was A Setup”… Update: Father Agrees “Sons Framed”

 Bombing Suspects’ Uncle: They Do Not Deserve To Live On This Earth « CBS Boston

“He deserved his. He absolutely deserved his,” Tsarni said. “They do not deserve to live on this earth.”

Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest | Judicial Watch

In 2004 Chechen Islamic militants attacked a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia and they murdered 380 children, parents, teachers and visitors after holding more than 1,000 captive for three days. Judicial Watch also obtained intelligence documents from the government detailing that terrorist attack.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: ‘Probably the Only Chechen Dude You Know’

Obama thanks Putin for help in Boston

Boston Bomb Suspect Captured Alive in Backyard Boat – ABC News

Civilian trial or military tribunal?

Timeline of Boston Bomber Suspect Radicalization, 2000-2013

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Rich TAkes! On Safari Extensions

Rich TAkes!

On Safari Browser Extensions

A browser extension is a small script that can be installed to add additional functionality to your browsing experience. They can do amazing things, or simply quite useful things. Some extensions can enhance productivity, especially if you update blogs frequently, work in graphic design, or develop web pages. There are hundreds available, and many support multiple platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and multiple browsers. 

Mozilla’s FireFox was one of the first browsers to support extensions, and today Safari 5x, Google Chrome, Opera, and I understand even Internet Explorer has jumped on the bandwagon, although many developers still refuse to support IE. 

Each browser will have a link in the menu, usually found in preferences to search an extension gallery. There may be multiple instances of extensions from different developers with similar functions. If you’d like to try out several with similar functions, I recommend disabling the first before trying out a second (or a third) similar extension. 

The following lists the extensions that I’ve been using with great success in Safari/Mac OSX. Many of them are also available for other browsers, or extensions with similar functionality are available.

 Safari Prefs/Extensions

Apple – Safari – Safari Extensions Gallery

The mother-ship on where to find extensions to accentuate your browsing experience. You can install directly from this page, or download a <dot>safariextz file from a developer’s site. Double-click the file and it automagically installs.

My comments on the above extensions at the jump (read more) except for Ultimate Status Bar (you need this), I couldn’t find a direct link, still available in the Safari Extensions gallery, and EverNote, which deserves a topic of it’s own.

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Techie Update: Open DNS

You may have heard last week that for some users, a DNS virus was affecting some Windows users internet access after the FBI pulled a plug for a fix for the last five years or so. What did the FBI do? They set up a new DNS server for those affected.

This is off of the top of my head, so bear with me. DNS is geeky shorthand for Domain Name Server. When a website registers a Domain Name with ICAAN, a redirect is made to point to a bunch of numbers, the IP Address. So might actually be 692.503.XXX.XXX. The Domain Name Server resolves the registered Domain Name to the proper IP address.

What the “virus” did was to point the DNS server to somewhere else which would make the internet inoperable for those Windows machines infected. I’m guessing that most of those machines are not still online anyway. I think I read that maybe 50-60k machines were infected in the US, a pretty small number.

The primary point that I’m trying to convey is that no matter what platform that you enjoy, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux, there is a free solution available, it is called OpenDNS.

What does OpenDNS do, and why should I use it?

First and foremost, for me at least, OpenDNS servers are faster than your internet provider offers. You can also block any site, or group of sites if you choose, and even configure it in your router.

If you are running a Mac, all you need to do is go to System Preferences> Network>Advanced: and enter the OpenDNS IP address under DNS:

You can also configure your router, to learn more, go here:

You’ll be glad you did.