Mission Accomplished TAkes!

John Kasich: “Mission Accomplished” ishot-562

” [sic] My job stopping Cruz is over, so I’m suspending my campaign”. Kasich’s sole purpose was to stop Cruz, nothing else makes any sense.  

What the Indiana results really mean is a yuge Establishment win, and also a knock-down blow to the TEA Party. It is about Trump, but that is really just the tip of the ice-berg. The RINOs are laughing with glee that they forced out Cruz, and defeated many patriot candidates in the process. The GOP establishment knows that they can “work with” Trump, not so much with Cruz.

McConnell and his national Republican senate campaign fund swooped into several states, recruited reliable hacks and actively fought against constitutional conservatives and TEA Party candidates. Indiana is a good example of that, they recruited and ran Todd Young against a proven conservative, Marlin Stutzman. Young’s establishment bona-fides are without question: he is a former aide to Dick Lugar, whom we primaried out years ago. The ad campaign was brutal, and predictably was filled with nothing but lies. Somehow they convinced voters that Stutzman was the establishment pick, and a “career Politician”. Stutzman was a two-term Congressman. He is also a farmer who owns a small ag-oriented trucking fleet, and a true Patriot.

The pattern is like shampoo: lather, rinse, repeat. Conservative TEA Party activists gave Republicans the House, and later the Senate, who repaid them by spitting on them. The RINOs have shown that they are not really interested in the issues and platforms which they claim to support. When a real Constitutional conservative comes along who wants to limit the federal government, and get back to what made our country exceptional in the beginning, they do everything in their power to defeat them. Cruz and Stutzman are only the latest victims to fall to RINOs, McDaniel in LA, and Bevin in KY are two other recent high-profile examples.

still the greatest ad of the run-up, hands down!


Gohmert Says Trump Must First Apologize to Unite the Party

Trump demanding that we must fall in line is ridiculous. It is Trump’s job to unite the party, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. At this point, I don’t think that an apology will be enough.

I found this post somewhere, I thought it hit the mark concerning some other things we learned last Tuesday:

>>How do you rebuild the conservative movement?

Problem #1

It turns out the conservative media isn’t really conservative. About 80% of the conservative media drank the orange Trump-Aid and supported a guy who screamed “Bush lied people died” at a republican debate. The only conservative news channel on TV *was* FOX news, which has become the propaganda arm for the Trump campaign. Conservatives have no voice and no large scale media operation arguing for constitutionalism.

Problem #2

The supreme court. The constitution is either totally dead under Hillary or mostly dead under Trump. Whatever inroads conservatives make, a liberal supreme court will strike down.

Problem #3

If Trump loses, the establishment will argue a conservative got the nomination and lost. Trump sycophants will argue conservatives stayed home.

Problem #4

Conservatives now have to fight the democrats, the establishment, and the disciples of the orange god.

Problem #5(a)

The far left still controls the entertainment industry, the new media and the educational industry which works in conjunction to indoctrinate the populace, especially the youth.

Problem #5(b)

Rational discourse is dead. You can no longer argue 1+1 =2 and change someone’s mind. Mike Tyson is convicted of rape, Trump asserts it is a lie, and his followers believe him no matter what evidence is presented to them.

Problem #5(c)

Conservatives have no ground game. There are about five influential conservatives who get paid 20 million dollars a year for talk radio. There are many local talk radio stations. There is Fox news…. or was Fox news but no ground game.

The tea party was successful until targeted by the IRS and many tea party groups now appear to have also been drinking the Trump-Aid. The other problem is conservatives tend to have jobs and are not professional activists while the left gets tax payer money to fund their activism.

In short, we are Trumped which rhymes with Trucked.<<

Clinton and Trump are The Same to #Nevertrump, And You’re Stupid if You Don’t Get That

>>Understand that our abandonment of the party is not picking up our toys and going home out of spite. We’re picking up our toys and going home because you keep breaking them. . . . This is the same guy who wants to continue funding Planned Parenthood after flip-flopping on abortion when it was convenient, commented that he likes the Obamacare mandate, wants to allow men into women’s restrooms, wants to impose tariffs that we’ll end up having to pay for, and thinks Raphael Cruz helped kill JFK. . . . [and] no, we don’t want to vote for Trump to stop Hillary, because we don’t see much of a difference.<< Heads you lose

I Think We’re so Screwed

Yes, we are.

Dear GOP: I’ve Decided To Start Seeing Other Parties

>>By 2012, your “less hideous” line had worn exceedingly thin and was barely believable. I thought of breaking up then, but beer and my last shred of optimism triumphed over common sense and I stayed. You looked less attractive each day after that, but I stuck it out because I knew there was an embarrassment of riches in the potential 2016 candidate pool.

Then Donald Trump did a naked cannonball into the pool. The fact that Trump and John Kasich were the last two candidates standing from the original huge field is why, as the kids say, you can’t have nice things.

Now, you’re trotting out the “less hideous” reasoning once again. First, it may not even be true this year. I have a hard time seeing profound ideological differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.<<

More comments from around the web:

>> To those that keep telling me I just HAVE to vote for Trump!! I can’t just walk away now! I say this… I am not walking.. I am RUNNING! 

I took an oath to the Constitution, not a political party or candidate. I have faithfully pulled the lever for every piece of crap Republican candidate that they have foisted upon us regardless. Forced to pick the lesser of two evils every damn time. Forced to vote AGAINST someone rather than FOR someone. Used for an election cycle and then tossed aside like trash once they had my vote in the bank. 

Conservatives to the Republican party are no different than the black community is to the Democrats! I swore in 2012 I would no longer play this game. I said then if they did not give us a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE they would no longer be able to take my vote for granted.

As much as I disliked Romney as a politician, I never felt repulsed by him and he never disrespected the base in the way Trump has. I may have disagreed with him on several issues but he was a man of class, dignity and honor. He did not run around acting like a total ass and literally lying about every one of his primary opponents. Trump has. 

After watching Trump and his sycophants use every Clinton scorched earth, dirty trick smear & lie to attack a good man, his family and his supporters you have the NERVE to demand our votes? Trump and his little marching band of “nationalists” treated us like prison bitches and after you have sodomized us you demand we make you a freaking snack? 

Screw you, Screw Trump & Screw the GOP for allowing, aiding and abetting this unholy beast. Trump has said on at least 2 occasions this week he doesn’t care about unity, and he doesn’t need us. Don’t whine to me if your orange clown can’t be drug across the finish line. This is not our doing, we warned you. We warned the GOP. #‎NeverTrump means NEVER… EVER. The responsibility for the Hildabeast winning in November is squarely on YOUR shoulders and that of her Super Donor. I will not participate in this evil before us. I didn’t leave the GOP, they left me. Good Riddance. <<

In the beginning, I really wanted to give Trump a chance to see what he brought to the table. He sailed right past my lowest expectations to an extent that I didn’t think possible.

>>Trump supporter: Get over it. He does support a lot of conservative issues that Hillary won’t.

A sane responder: Like no rise in minimum wage? Oh, wait, he backtracked on that. Supporting Planned Parenthood? Nope, Hillary likes that one too. Men in women’s restrooms? Oh wait, Hillary likes that. Taxing the rich? Hillary. Government paid healthcare? Yep, Hillary’s got that covered. Letting a bunch of foreigners in as long as they work for Trump? Check. Three top functions of government? Security, Healthcare and Education? That’s the Democrat platform in a nutshell.

You’ve been duped. The first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem…<<

Shaprio – Signs From The Last 24 Hours That Trump Suckered Conservatives 

I’m pretty sure that I can make a case that any Trump voter is not conservative. 

Sometimes There Is No Lesser Of Two Evils

Sometimes, evil is evil

Former RNC Staffers Believe the Rumor That Staff Was Told to Get on Trump Train or GET OUT

“…it’s another thing when the nominee disagrees with every single major Republican platform. You’re asking people who went to work to elect Republicans to start working every day to elect a man who is, on paper, a Democrat.”

It’s Time To Assume We’re Already Dead

“…I am completely aligned with the talking points of the left on the GOP presidential nominee. He is a dangerous sociopath who uses xenophobic & racist dog whistles to stoke fear in masses of uninformed voters so that he can get to Washington and use the power of the pen to push billions of dollars to corporations as he cuts deals behind the scenes that benefit the most powerful and corrupt people in the world.”


Ted Cruz Reveals What Has Been the Greatest Fraud this Election

The fraud is the myth that Trump is an outsider. He is inside as it gets.

John Boehner: I Won’t Vote For Ted Cruz Over Hillary

Perhaps the greatest endorsement that any Patriot could wish for. Also proof that the real story is about GOPe vs TEA Party conservatives. Trump *IS* establishment when all is said and done.


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