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Rich TAkes! on the Complete Lives System

Handing over decisions about your health care to the government should scare the life out of you. Perhaps that is what they want. I dunno.

I do know that for once Speaker Boehner has finally stood up, with huge prodding from the TEA Party. Laws can be passed, but the House has to fund it. It’s right there in the Constitution. We call that “checks and balances”.

Progressives believe that they know what is best for you, or society in general, and Obamacare will relieve both you and your Doctor of making decisions when and if you ever become ill, injured, or need a transplant. Obamacare is not about better health, it is about government control and distributive justice, whatever that means. (I’m pretty sure that it’s bad)

Obamacare is about driving up your health care costs, while insuring that your actual health care is worsened. There is no way that adding thousands of bureaucrats and 16,000 IRS agents to the mix can make costs cheaper.

Doctors are closing their private practices, and are either becoming hospital employees, or quitting altogether. New Physician-owned hospitals will be prohibited, and current facilities will be prohibited from expanding. Some Doctors are opening up cash-only practices, offering superior services at a cheaper cost. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that model deemed illegal in the near future if Obamacare is allowed to stand.

“Progressives” real goal is to bankrupt private health insurance and give us all “single-payer” models where the government calls all of the shots. They are not bashful about this, either.

Some companies have been giving a rebate to employees who opt out of an employer sponsored plan in case they are already covered, or just plain don’t want coverage, that practice will be illegal beginning Jan 1. Many companies have already dropped spousal and family coverage as a result of Obamacare.

Private clinical trials, especially for cancer and AIDS cases, will be greatly curtailed, since the government under Obamacare is mainly concerned about reducing health care costs overall. If there is no longer any profit motive, what is the point? The real heart and soul of Obamacare can be summed up in Zeke Emanuel’s Complete Lives System:

Betsy McCaughey: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Wants Health-Care Rationing

McCaughey (pronounced McCoy) may be the most knowledgeable expert on the subject of Obamacare anywhere.

Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions

Above is the PDF of the article co-authored by Emanuel, published in the Lancet, compliments of CUNY

The Complete Lives System:  Socialism in Medicine

Summing up Obamacare in two pages. It’s about control: Editorial (PDF) from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 18 Number 3 Fall 2013

Abstract from the National Institute of Health

“The allocation of scarce health care resources such as flu treatment or organs for transplant presents stark problems of distributive justice. Persad, Wertheimer, and Emanuel have recently proposed a novel system for such allocation. Their “complete lives system” incorporates several principles, including ones that prescribe saving the most lives, preserving the most life-years, and giving priority to persons between 15 and 40 years old. This paper argues that the system lacks adequate moral foundations.”

I find it troubling that the words “distributive justice” appears on a government page.

The Orwellian Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

An article Dr. Emanuel co-wrote this January proposed a “complete lives” system for purposes of determining the “appropriate” allocation of scarce health care resources.  The article notes that under this system, “Individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance [of receiving care], whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.”

URIBE: The coming Obamacare rationing

Making decisions for physicians will be the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a group of people appointed by the president to determine what services will be made available to Medicare patients.

Trust the Government | Human Events

…the road to dehumanizing, bureaucratic health care rationing begins with something called comparative effectiveness research (CER)…Congressional Democrats included $1.1 billion in the Stimulus Bill for CER.  Report language explaining the bill noted that the treatments found to be “more expensive” as result of the research “will no longer be prescribed” and that “guidelines” should be developed to manage doctors.

How much progressive health mandates were contained in the 2009 Stimulus Bill? Lot’s, as it turns out.



An excellent, well-researched article (PDF) outlining many of the failings of Obamacare

Statement on the Current Health Care Debate

Sarah Palin’s August, 2009 Facebook post

The Independent Payment Advisory Board: PPACA’s Anti-Constitutional and Authoritarian Super-Legislature | Cato

a libertarian point of view

Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board – Forbes

IPAB takes the Medicare decision-making process away from doctors and away from Americans’ elected representatives in Congress and gives it to an unelected, unrepresentative and unaccountable advisory board. This panel is flawed and unethical–but it has total authority to make decisions regarding Medicare funding, how to implement spending cuts within the Medicare program, and how to allocate medical services.

Further, IPAB jeopardizes the quality of medical treatments and services for Medicare beneficiaries: proponents of IPAB argue that the program will improve care by reducing costs, but  in reality, by advising such reduced spending per capita, IPAB can actually result in the denial of certain medical treatments, limiting services for seniors and Americans with disabilities.

‘Obamacare’ health care reform ALREADY forcing doctors to close practices

Intended consequences: Obamacare backers want to force private practices out of business, making Doctors employees of large hospitals and clinics, which the government can more easily control. Whatever private practices remain will likely be strictly cash, and less costly with better service. This cash model is trending upward now.

Obama administration: Lawmakers, staff can get abortion coverage

Even though current law prohibits abortion coverage

Dept of Compulsory Health Outlaws Pre-existing Conditions

the People’s Cube: comments on Obamacare shutting off Pre-Existing Conditions registrations earlier this year

Howard Dean: IPAB ‘Essentially a Health-care Rationing Body’

on Dean’s comments about the Independent Payment Advisory Board

SBC Analysis Of President Obama’s Health Law – U.S. Senate Budget Committee

Obama promised the cost would come in at 900 Billion and change. The real cost? 2.6 Trillion and rising over ten years.

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