On #All Lives Matter

I’m doing a little ketchup here. I wrote most of this over three weeks ago and never completed it. Lot’s more rioting and revolution has occurred since then, I hope to post a new update in the next day or two.

Welcome to Rich TAkes! on #All Lives Matter

I opened a can of worms by posting on FB, #All Lives Matter

It is a simple concept, yet I was surprised by the amount of push-back I received. I can’t imagine how anyone can disagree with the sentiment that all lives matter.

All lives do matter, including the unfortunate death of George Floyd recently in Minneapolis, MN. I don’t know anyone who can justify his unfortunate death under power of police. The officer who kept his boot on Floyd’s neck has been charged with 2nd, 3rd degree murder, as well as manslaughter, and the other three officers on the scene have been charged with what amounts to being accomplices to murder. All of the officers involved were dismissed and fired from duties immediately.

Unfortunately, after this ridiculous tragedy, ANTIFA, BLM, and BAMN have moved out into nearly three dozen cities, inciting riots, arson, and looting. Many if not most are supported by radical rich idiots (supporters). There is a GoFundMe page for bail for rioters which has been supported mostly by Hollywood limousine liberals. It had 20 million in donations a day or two ago. Even worse, New York’s new no-bail policy released most of those arrested as soon as they were booked.

Horowitz: Justice for George Floyd and for all of the 7,000+ black homicide victims every year

Here’s a reminder about who Black LIVES Matter really are.

Pigs in a blanket: fry ’em like bacon – YouTube

Project Veritas INFILTRATES ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes” – YouTube

#EXPOSEANTIFA PART II: NYC Fight Club Training “Break one of the floating ribs…” – YouTube

Opinion: Most of This Turmoil Has Been Based on a Lie

>>The demonstrations became about a lie. The demonstrations became a protest about Systemic Police Brutality based on racism. It became about police far and wide, “deliberately hunting down and killing” Black men. Groups intent on the destruction of America, or with other nefarious political purposes, began to take advantage of this misplaced outrage and began to foment full-blown riots. Out of control crowds began destroying property, maiming and killing people, looting and burning to the ground the businesses of the very people they purported to be outraged on behalf of.<<

If you see any of the illegal graffiti at any of these riots, you will see front and center “ACAB” That means All Cops Are Bastards. “1312” means the same thing. If you truly believe that, you can leave this page now, I have nothing more to say to you.

Antifa and anarchists have hijacked Floyd protests but left won’t admit it


Minnesota AG Keith Ellison’s son: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’ 

Like father, like son.

Jeremiah Ellison, the son of AG Keith Ellison and a member of the Minneapolis city council, wrote the following in response to President Trump’s announcement that intends to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. The younger Ellison assigned blame for the civil unrest on “white power” terrorists.

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”


Vegas officer on life support after attack during protests | WTOP

 A police officer was on life support Tuesday after being shot during a protest on the Las Vegas Strip, the latest in a handful of attacks on police amid demonstrations across the country over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The 29-year-old officer in Las Vegas was shot as police tried to disperse a large crowd of protesters in front of a casino shuttered because of the coronavirus.

George Floyd protests: Rioters target police across US; 4 shot in St. Louis, 1 in Vegas, Bronx hit-and-run caught on video | FOX6Now.com

In St. Louis, Mo., Monday night, four police officers were shot during protests in the city’s downtown area, two in the leg, one in the foot and one in the arm.

Police Chief John Hayden said they were hit by gunfire by “some coward” while standing on the side of a police line.

“As we speak we’re trying to get control out of this city, still hearing gunfire and everything,” he said. I don’t know what else to say. This is horrible. Thank God, they’re alive.”

Three officers hit by SUV as Buffalo protest turns violent outside police E-District

Troopers say the SUV plowed through the blockade, hitting a Trooper and a Buffalo Police Officer, it then ran over another Trooper that was on the ground. That’s when investigators say Troopers fired shots at the vehicle.

How Can America Fight Antifa?

Asymmetric Warfare Does Work

Anyone who has been watching events unfold has clearly seen that there are highly organized groups operating at the periphery of planned and announced demonstration locations.

We are at war, like it or not.

Despicable Facebook Live Video Captures Retired Former Police Chief Murdered by Thugs in Missouri

Captain (Ret) David Dorn. His wife presented a tearful testimony at the RNC

Column: Will anyone take a knee for retired police Capt. David Dorn? – Chicago Tribune

Is anyone taking a knee for David Dorn?

Dorn was African American. He was unjustly killed. His life mattered too, didn’t it?

But there aren’t any protests for Dorn, no public kneeling in his memory.

Dorn, 77, was a retired St. Louis police captain. The other night, as violence raged in St. Louis, Dorn was alerted to an alarm at a friend’s pawnshop.

Surveillance video shows ‘persons of interest’ wanted in connection with Ret. Capt. David Dorn’s murder kmov.com

Dallas police shooter killed 4 officers on the street, 1 through a second-floor window

This is what happened with the Black Lives Matters nonsense, which Obama tactically endorsed. BLM thinks that any peace officer is a target.

CNN Draws Largest Crowd In Years | The Babylon Bee

The CNN HQ in Atlanta got destroyed too by ANTIFA and their buddies. For real. Gotta wonder what Ted Turner might be thinking if he were still with us.

The Items Showing Up At Protests Across the Country Have Police Talking and Raises Questions About Who’s Organizing All This

Pharmacist Unleashes Hell on Wuhan Virus Social Distancing Hypocrites: So ‘Riots Are Just Cool’ Now?

Riots are never cool. Neither are lynchings.

Go figure, and thanks for looking!

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