Rich TAkes! Mid-May 2013

Rich TAkes!

Benghazi is boiling, Amnesty, Abortion, the IRS and Gun Control highlight the news.

Here’s some links I found interesting lately…


Senior IRS officials knew of targeting conservative groups in 2011; IRS chief counsel knew in 2011

Ways and Means to IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ or ‘Conservative’

We don’t need no Second Amendment?

 Cost of Unlawful Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayers

Heritage Foundation Executive summary

 DeMint on Immigration Reform: ‘If People Read The Bill, It Will Be Blocked’ 

NumbersUSA: Immigration bill to bring in at least 33 million

that’s not counting the current rush to the border 

Senate passes internet sales tax bill amid opposition from conservatives

this could set yet another dangerous precedent

Benghazi Upate:

The Benghazi Scandal Grows

Team Obama caught in a lie, which many of us knew all along

 Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference – ABC News

the first MSM  Benghazi “exclusive” It’s about time.

 Talking Points Timeline.pdf

evolution of a cover-up 

The Damning Dozen: Twelve Revelations from the Benghazi Hearings

 Benghazi Witness: Special Forces Told Not To Go To Besieged Consulate

Diplomat: U.S. Special Forces told “you can’t go” to Benghazi during attacks – CBS

Sharyl Attkisson doing some excellent reporting

White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails 

Top U.S. Diplomat in Libya Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism – The Daily Beast

 Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack

Watchdog says government has tried to silence him on Afghanistan

MSNBC on Benghazi Cover Up: Looks “Clintonian”–There’s Risk of “Impeachment”

If MSNBC is opining this, O is in big trouble 

Spinning Benghazi: The C.I.A.’s Talking-Point Edits : The New Yorker

CIA/State Benghazigate Whistleblowers Retain Lawyer, Reveal Obama Inc. Threats

Other Stuff:

 Electric-Car Maker Coda Files for Bankruptcy to Seek Sale

another one bites the dust 

Part-timers to lose pay amid health act’s new math

old news. until it affects those who you know

South Carolina bill declares ObamaCare “null and void,” criminalizes implementation

 DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border

 “180” Movie – YouTube

Christians and the holocaust – a moral dilemma 

Abortion’s <Seedy> Underside | National Review Online

3801 Lancaster – YouTube

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society disaster

A fraudster’s dream: Colorado to allow mail-in voting

Future vote fraud update in the makings

Obama Falsely Says Most Guns In Mexico’s Drug War Came From U.S.

with thanks from the gun-runner in chief

Saudi Arabian ambassador DENIES his nation warned the United States about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012

Fleeing Communism only to find it in America

European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government

 How To Remove Background Around Lots Of Hair Photoshop – YouTube

Dodge & Burn Photoshop Tutorial (English) – YouTube

Say Bye-Bye to Gray Hair, Researchers Find Way to Reverse The Process

I should check this out

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