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The State of the Union TAkes!

Okay, not really. I couldn’t bear to listen, for fear of becoming sick. Instead, I offer a month’s worth of real news links which should make us all sick. Hopefully, you won’t become physically sick, being informed is much, much better. We all deserve better.

Here is the round-up:

Progressive Kristallnacht Coming?

(The Night of Broken Glass) Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendant “progressive” radicalism unthinkable now?

It might be helpful to note that the author of this letter to the editor is a liberal, and a supporter of Al Gore and  voted for Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

EPA Decree Shrinks Size of Wyoming by a Million Acres

Since when does the EPA have the jurisdiction to re-interpret treaties?

 From our Imperial POTUS using the levers of government to Imperial-King-Obama-punish his opponents department:  

One of the Few Conservative Groups in Hollywood Has Been Under Investigation by the IRS

Conservative author and pundit Dinesh D’Souza charged in campaign finance case

I’m pretty sure that Dinesh is on an enemies list somewhere

Tearing away Obama’s veil of secrecy surrounding the IRS scandal

the truth is becoming known about President Obama’s blatant use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress the First Amendment political free speech rights of Tea Party, conservative and evangelical non-profits during the 2010, 2012 — and now — the 2014 campaigns.

Kimberley Strassel: IRS Targeting and 2014

It’s IRS targeting all over again, only this time by administration design and with the raw political goal…of putting “tea party groups out of business.”

Obama was outraged when he read about this in the newspaper, (right!) now he claims it’s a phony scandal.

Media Matters Facts <> Media Matters’ targets revealed: business, wealth, Christianity

Media Matters is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and contributions are deductible. Compare that to the IRS targets for 501(c)4 applicants, whose contributions are not tax-deductible

No Place For Conservatives in New York says Andrew Cuomo

I can’t believe that this guy fancies himself a viable presidential candidate. It must be hereditary, his daddy Mario wanted to be President too. When I first heard this, I thought he must be “differently-abled”.

Benghazi and Syria Update: 

Obama called for war based on bogus intel

Syria update: A report from the MIT confirms earlier reports that the Syrian government could not have launched the sarin poison-gas-laden rocket last August. Confirming my earlier suspicions that this was a false-flag attack.

Senate Benghazi Report Damns President Obama And Hillary Clinton

The surprising thing here is that Senator Feinstein was committee Chair

Top Secret Benghazi Docs Prove that After Stevens et al Died, Obama and Clinton Lied

Hillary’s biggest “regret”? She doesn’t regret a thing, Obama got re-elected, didn’t he?

An Excerpt From Robert Gates’ ‘Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War’

The Quiet Fury of Robert Gates

EPA still silent on the legality of coal plant ban

Of course they are silent, it isn’t legal.

▶ Climate Chains: Scam Artists & Big, Big Money (Intellectual Froglegs)

 Marxist socialism has never worked

The Number Of Working Age Americans Without A Job Has Risen By Almost 10 Million Under Obama

92 million missing from the labor force, and still rising

Amnesty Ends the American Dream

Amnesty not only rewards illegals for breaking our laws, it will also hurt the unskilled, minorities, and the young in the job market.

Levin: Boehner, Cantor, Ryan Expanding Welfare State by Pushing Amnesty

Isn’t the welfare state large enough already?

More TAkes! on the Obamacare train-wreck:

Surprise! Walmart health plan is cheaper, offers more coverage than Obamacare

ObamaCare Dumped $1.2 Billion Into Failing State Exchanges

calling Obamacare a train wreck is an insult to train wrecks

Bailing Out Health Insurers and Helping Obamacare

The great insurance bail-out stop-loss provision is written into Obamacare

Obamacare: Tom Coburn loses cancer doctor

This is Senator Tom Coburn (R, OK), who is resigning to fight prostate cancer

Capitol Hill Staffers are Still Concerned About Obamacare’s Impact on Them

and they wrote this monstrosity

‘Secret dealing’? Emails show cozy relationship between EPA, environmental groups

Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation

gun-grabbers have discovered an end-around play

Huxley’s “Brave New World Revisited” – 2014 Redux

okay, stop with the happy pills and playing video games now, and read this!

Global Warming Lies Unraveling

over the past 100 years, real temps have fallen 1°C

Obama’s use of executive power faces reckoning at Supreme Court

our lawless POTUS

Supreme Court Justices skeptical of Obama’s end run around Congress

Our lawless POTUS, Act Two. We’ll hear about more up-coming lawlessness in the SOTU tonight. 

 Other Stuff:

New Scandal, Same Old Christie | National Review Online

It didn’t take long for Christie’s Democratic friends to pull out the knives over a bunch of road cones.

Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

The GOP’s Losing Strategy

the GOP has done nothing but antagonize conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party adherents. Establishment Republicans have spit in the faces of rank-and-file conservatives, since we elected them in the House in 2010.

White House nightmare: Eligibility case still alive

Isn’t it time for some justice?

Democrats’ ‘fairness’ Catch-22

Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape

really? It doesn’t surprise me.

The Complete List of Barack Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders

for the nerdiest amongst us who like to collect such things

Flu Folly : 

“We are treating a number of the people who had the flu vaccine but they still got the flu,” the doctor said. “In fact, most of the patients we’re seeing were vaccinated.”

Ex-scoutmaster pleads guilty to 36 felony sex crimes – Roanoke Times

I seem to remember the BS of A stamping their blessings on gay Scoutmasters last year.

The Great Italian Auto Bailout — Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers

Cars update: Obama gave Fiat it’s initial Chrysler shares during the bailout/bankruptcy. Sweet!

Essays of note: 

“I, Pencil: My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read”

from 1958, an Austrian  Economics story

Samuel Huntington_Clash of Civilizations (pdf)

Samuel Huntington’s “controversial” article originally published in Foreign Affairs in 1993

 What Is Classical Liberalism?

I am a classic liberal. I’d bet that most of you are too.

Thanks for looking!

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