The Empire Strikes Back: Invasion at the Border

The people sent a message. luke-darth-duel  The deliberate failure of Obama’s illegal ignoring our current  immigration law, along with his recently extending the lack of enforcement of law concerning illegal alien minors for another two years certainly helped to bring about Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat. Cantor tried to swing both ways on the illegal alien issue, and recently said that he wanted to work with Obama on the illegal youth (Dreamers) issue.

Our borders are now being over-whelmed by children, and the Border Patrol, ICE and the southwest is being turned into a giant day care facility for illegals. Sweet! They are even flying them around the country to spread the joy.

I don’t know if this is an intended (which I suspect) or an unintended consequence of Obama and DHS’ suspension of enforcement of “dreamers” which they renewed recently. I do know, as I’ve said all along, that ignoring the law is a violation of Obama’s oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend the country against all enemies.

This invasion of minors certainly seems to have been deliberate and pre-planned. DHS planned for an invasion of 65,000 illegal minors back in January. Note the date on the requisition, below:

Gov’t Confirms Authenticity of Contract Request for ‘Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children’ at the Border

This outrage should be at the top of the list of Articles for Impeachment, along with gun-running in Mexico, Syria and Libya, directing IRS targeting of citizens, the NSA intercepting everyone’s communications and targeting the AP and journalists, and whatever else his phone and pen has unleashed. The list is rather long.

This latest invasion of our country could have been avoided had we actually built the fence and secured our border. We’ve been waiting for that since 1986, when Reagan signed the last Amnesty bill. He later said that signing the Amnesty Bill was his greatest regret during his tenure.

There is more, but the border issue had to have played a big role in the Virginia primary results, and I hope that the Rs, including Ryan, finally start to get a clue. Andrew Breitbart is surely  smiling now.

Cantor loses Republican primary

Eric Cantor succumbs to tea party challenger 

Local Tea Party Activists Helped Topple Eric Cantor

Dave Brat: Meet The Candidate Who Beat Eric Cantor

from last May. Cantor spent about 5 million on this race, Brat a little over 100k.

Yoda-The Empire Strikes Back quote of the night: “dollars don’t vote, people do” ~ Dave Brat.

Flashback: Republican Cantor Headlines Anti-Tea Party Conference Sponsored by George Soros & Unions

Cantor’s successor as Majority Leader McCarthy attended too.

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