What Motivates Obama?

Yes, I know that all politicians do it, speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Obama makes John Kerry look like a rank amateur as a “flipper”.

  • He campaigned on closing GITMO, thankfully he saw the light and is leaving it open for now
  • He voted against going to Iraq as a Senator, said we needn’t be there, yet we’re still there.
  • Took over ninety days to authorize the Afghanistan “surge” and announced our withdrawal date to the whole world at the same time
  • Killed the second installation of  our “Star Wars” missile defense system in eastern Europe, in the direct flight path of Iran
  • Killed all future NASA manned space programs, redirecting their focus on “climate-change”
  • Began military actions in Somalia, Libya, and Yemen without Congressional authorization

Dick Morris asks the question, what motivates Obama?