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I’ve been railing against the invasion of illegal aliens for thirty years. Walls are dumb, they have been around for at least 4000 years because they work.  President Trump and the Republicans in Congress need to hold out until they can pass legislation and appropriations to secure our border. Defending our nation is the first order of business, it’s far past time to actually do it.

The McAllen southern Texas Sector has only about half of the border fenced or barriers installed. It is no wonder that 96% of their apprehensions occur in the western area with no barrier. This single sector of our southern border makes around 700 or more apprehensions each week. Drug cartels insert “migrants” who turn themselves in to the Border Patrol, while at the same time they are smuggling drugs a few miles away.

A wall alone will not solve the problem, we also need to eliminate the magnets that draw alien invaders to begin with. We should start with bogus asylum policies which as it stands today means that anyone Other Than Mexican with one foot on our soil can claim asylum. Illegally crossing our border purely for economic reasons is not grounds to claim asylum. Demonstrating good reason that the government that you’re fleeing will kill, imprison or otherwise persecute you, however is good grounds. That is not the case for 99% of these illegal invaders.

With 750,000 back-logged asylum cases awaiting a hearing, over a three year wait, ICE has no choice but to release those apprehended on our soil, after issuing a notice to appear. Less than 10% ever show up to their hearing, and are ruled deported, even though we have no idea really who they are or where they are at. We need to set up INS courts in each of the 14 border sectors and fast-track the hearings within two weeks. End catch & release.

With medical care, education and in many cases housing, the costs to taxpayers are skyrocketing. Illegal aliens in many respects have more rights than American citizens.

Finally, nothing will change significantly unless our willy-nilly policy of granting birth-right citizenship to anyone born in the USA is ended. Contrary to what many believe, the 14th Amendment has never granted citizenship based solely on the fact that a child was born in the USA. Granting citizenship status to all is a fairly recent phenomina. The Supreme Court, nor any lower court has never ruled on it either. This is perhaps the biggest magnet of all, and it is not limited solely to illegal aliens. Legal aliens here on visas of any sort also take advantage of our idiocy.

Welcome to RichTAkes! On The Wall

Border walls only work if illegal immigration is…illegal

There is only one way to stop illegal immigration, and it’s quite easy. Make illegal immigration unambiguously illegal, once and for all.

President Trump has full constitutional power to stop the border invasion – even without Congress

The bottom line is that we need to repel the invasion, not manage it.

Sorry Democrats, Trump Has The Power To Declare A National Emergency For A Border Wall

H.R.3884 – 94th Congress (1975-1976): National Emergencies Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

The law requires the POTUS to cite why there is a National Emergency when declaring a National Emergency and allows Congress to terminate it in 180 day intervals with a Resolution from both the House and the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi Whines That a Border Wall Discriminates Against People Entering Illegally

Duh! The law necessarily discriminates against law-breakers. Isn’t that why we have laws to begin with?

US pledges $10.6B aid for Central America, southern Mexico

No problem for Democrats here. 5.7 billion to upgrade and extend the border barrier is a problem? Obama’s 787 Billion complete waste of money “Stimulus” Bill wasn’t a problem for Dems either, was it?

Gutless President in Wall-less Country

Coulter weighs in one week before Christmas

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration – The Atlantic

Yes, from the mostly liberal Atlantic, August, 2017

Writhing from the Foreign Invasion of Caravans, Mexico Invokes Deportation

It’s important to note that Mexico offered asylum and legal worker status to the caravan marches. Very few accepted Mexico’s generous offer.

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech

That’s a powerful magnet in it’s own right

‘Operation Wetback’ deported 1 million illegals with only 750 agents

I like Ike! (It may have been 1050 agents, 750 of which were mobilized in California to begin operations)

2008 Democratic Party Platform Calls For More ‘Infrastructure’ On The Border, More Agents

“We need to secure our borders, and support additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. We need additional Customs and Border Protection agents equipped with better technology and real-time intelligence. We need to dismantle human smuggling organizations, combating the crime associated with this trade.”

Not much has changed in 10 years, has it? Except that today Dems don’t want to support any of it.

On this day, all Indians made United States citizens – National Constitution Center

On June 2, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law the Indian Citizenship Act, which marked the end of a long debate and struggle, at a federal level, over full birthright citizenship for American Indians.

Please note that this Bill was passed decades after the 14th Amendment was ratified. The 14th does not say that anyone born on our soil automatically enjoys the Rights of citizenship.

The True History of Millstone Babies

Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits « CBS Los Angeles

Birthright Anchor Babies aren’t cheap. That’s 650 million in one county in CA in a single year. How many billions do you suppose we are paying across the country?

Author of 14th Amendment Explains EXACTLY Who It Was Meant For 

The author of the citizenship clause, Sen. Jacob Howard of Michigan, expressly said: “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, [or] who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers.”

The “Invasion” Caravan, Like the Russians, Wants to Interfere in Our Elections

Search “People Without Borders” A Soros Open Society group organized the caravan of invaders.

Two Claremont Institute fellows give an in-depth talk on birthright citizenship . Roughly 75 minutes run-time.

Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy – FOS Steve Goreham – YouTube

So the UN is saying if we only pay higher taxes and have our freedoms taken away, the weather will magically get better and the earth will behave as humans command

Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen chaired the MIT climate department for years, and also chaired a group in the UN’s IPCC I and IPCC II. (that’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) He is acknowledged as the US’s most renowned climatology academic in the world. 55 minutes run time.

Twitter blocks posts that use phrase ‘illegal alien’ as ‘hateful content’

“illegal alien” is the correct legal term.

First Bernie Sanders, and now AOC have revealed themselves to be full-blown Socialists. This is a comical yet scary trend. I will probably do a full-blown topic on this in the future. 

Stossel: Sweden Is Not a Socialist Success

Sweden cut public spending, privatized the national rail network, abolished certain government monopolies, eliminated inheritance taxes, sold state-owned businesses, and switched to a school voucher system. It also “lowered taxes and reformed the pension system…

Stossel: Sweden is Not a Socialist Success – YouTube

Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

“It’s not affordable and they don’t care” 

Don’t be surprised if this one is on the spring Supremes docket.

Vote fraud update:

A college kid running for 13th Ward alderman gets a lesson in the Chicago Way

It’s pretty tough to beat the Chicago Machine. It’s no different than New York’s Tammany Hall. See below.

Voter Qualifications We Ought To Agree On | Scragged

It’s clear that liberal activists want their cohorts to follow in the steps of “Big Tim” Sullivan and bring in as many ineligible voters as needed to swing close elections.

Proof Democrats Are Trying to Steal the Election

They succeeded in stealing the election in Orange County, CA.

Arcan Cetin Voted Illegally: Other Non-Citizens Do Too | National Review

>>the local news source that had originally reported Arcan Cetin’s not being a citizen issued a correction. Cetin is in fact a naturalized U.S. Citizen.<<  This fact does not change the point of the article.

Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota, Study Finds

From 2010

Study Details Thousands of Illegal Voters in ‘Sanctuaries’

“When non-citizens vote, it hurts the system. Americans should be the only ones voting in American elections.”

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