11th 9-11 TAkes!

Rich TAkes!

some links I’ve found interesting lately

IPhone 5 Sales Could Offer Big Boost to GDP

To be announced Wednesday, Sept 12 

Student Loans: Debt for Life

Government intervention in education is how we got to this point, students left holding the bag

Obama Administration Has Failed To Enforce The Law Promoting Military Voting


Articles: Why Blame Obama?

this is a must-read 

FCC eyes tax on Internet service

U.S. spies press for renewal of broad electronic surveillance law

Clint Eastwood Explains Empty-Chair Speech

Rowdy’s complete speech at the link


~ Employment Watch ~

Sorry, Stephanie Cutter, the Obama recovery hasn’t created more jobs than the Reagan recovery

Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look

Chart Of The Day: 25,792,000 Unemployed And Underemployed

June jobs swoon: America’s labor market depression continues

~ Cars and Government Motors ~

The Democrats’ GM Fiction

Obama Misrepresents Auto Bailout– GM DID Go Bankrupt

Disaffected Delphi workers to rally against Obama

Pentagon buying Chevy Volts to ‘green up’ military

~ Government Intimidation ~

FAA supervisors warned employees of firings if GOP wins

Ax falls on conservative radio hosts

TSA Kicks Woman Off Flight For Bad Attitude

TSA admits to punishing travelers


In Bush v. Obama, Bush Wins in a Rout

Fact-Checking Bill Clinton

‘2016 Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza Reacts To President’s Slam

Farm Bureau warns about EPA takeover of waterways

Limbaugh: Media will ditch Obama to save the ideology

Republicans take on Clinton’s $4T debt reduction claim

Feds: Too few Americans ‘turn to government for assistance’

Top Senate Dem Recruit Slams ObamaCare

Bob Kerrey slams health insurance mandate

Ex-SEAL who wrote book on bin Laden gets written off by cadre

Obama, EPA actions make cap-and-trade more likely

 He couldn’t get it through Congress, so he’ll just do it administratively

Electric rates will soar now that Obama’s EPA has crushed coal-fired power plants

 One campaign promise about to be fulfilled

PIPES: ‘Barry was Muslim’

His father was, and that’s enough for Islam

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