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I’ve often wondered about how little we really know about our President. 

Obama, Undocumented worker
Our undocumented President

When Obama was running against McCain in 2008, the Democratic controlled Senate saw fit to hold hearings about McCain’s eligibility under Article 2 of our constitution, since he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which we held a 99 year lease on. No matter that his daddy was serving there as a Naval officer (Admiral?), and both  of his parents were unquestionably American citizens. Somehow, the very same Senate neglected to hold hearings concerning Obama’s eligibility, whose father was not an American citizen.

During the heated Bush/Kerry campaign in 2004, the Dems demanded to see Bush’s Air National Guard records in a blatant attempt to smear Dubbya somehow. It back-fired in their face, the records showed that Bush actually requested a tour of duty in ‘Nam, but was turned down since we were winding down there at the time. Dan Rather lost his job in disgrace over this as you may recall. His overly biased producer did too.

It has been common courtesy and precedent that candidates running for our highest office release certain records, including education, military, medical, and other stuff that a job-seeker might put on a resume before an election. We got none of that in Obama’s case. Everything that we did know about BHO was pretty terrifying, including his 20 years attendance at Jeremiah Wright’s socialist church in Chicago, his “neighbor” Bill Ayers, a Weather Underground domestic terrorist, his communist mentor in Hawaii as a teen, and the fact that his daddy was a Kenyan citizen, and also a communist.

The main stream media didn’t bother to press him on these issues, instead they were too busy with tingles running down their legs. Perhaps John Kerry showed the way since he never did release his military records after standing up before the whole world and proclaiming he was a military hero and was reporting for duty at the Democratic Convention in 2004.

Once the issue of his birth certificate was raised by Hillary’s people in the primaries of 2008, the Big O team released a forged short form certificate linked at Photobucket. When Donald Trump brought the issue back to light a few weeks ago, Team Obama released an obvious forgery of the long form COLB at

Something is very wrong with this picture.

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  1. Outstanding article though I must admit I’m somewhat sick after having read it. The list of undisclosed records is incredible.
    This kind of stuff literally makes my skin crawl. One lie after another and the majority seem content to buy the BS and not look too closely until the next time they’re forced to do so. After which the issue will once again be quickly forgotten.
    BO’s BC issue and the instances of voter fraud we’ve come to expect from organizations like ACORN are among the issues which absolutely make my head explode. How is it that so many free people can become so damn complacent as to simply sit by as our system is hijacked, destroyed and rebuilt in the image some Euro-socialist failure?
    Oops, my head just exploded…again.

  2. Thanks, and maybe you should see a doctor about that exploding head syndrome!

    Some related thoughts:

    People are lazy, or just plain don’t care until it affects them personally. It’s the boiling frog in the pot.

    ACORN is still around, they just changed their name into dozens of little ACORNS, depending on the locality.

    Being born on US soil does not automatically mean that you are “natural born” contrary to popular belief. The 14th Amendment goes on to say “. . . and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” which disqualifies so-called anchor babies, and may even disqualify Obama since BHO Sr was a Kenyan national. The 14th was ratified after the Civil War in order to insure that freed slaves were guaranteed their citizenship status.

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