Peter Schiff weighs in on taxes & regulations

Peter Schiff appeared on Huckabee and shares his experiences with needlessly complicated government regulations. He explained how he was fined for hiring too many people, and why he needed to setup an off shore subsidiary instead of expanding his US presence.


Schiff is CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, a best-selling author, and former candidate for Senate in CT. He has also testified before Congress on numerous occasions about economic and fiscal issues.


2 Replies to “Peter Schiff weighs in on taxes & regulations”

  1. Wow! You Americans deserve yourselves, you really do … Peter Schiff is one of my great heroes, it’s a pity for America that he didn’t get elected (who did? Last I heard it was a lady wrestler or something).

    Can you imagine both Peter and Ron Paul working together?

    Watching America implode is mixed emotions for us outlanders—much like watching your Mother-in-Law driving over a cliff in your new Ferrari …

  2. Schiff finished second in the CT primary for Senate, I think you’re correct in that the eventual Republican candidate was CEO of the WWF (or something). That’s all academic anyway, the Democrat successfully defended the seat.

    Watching America implode is no surprise to many of us, Obama is behaving exactly as expected.

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