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I was skimming through a forum the other day when I stumbled across a comment, a portion of which was,

Anon: …in the modern USA, there are lots of people who are trying very hard to find ANY kind of work, let alone better work, sometimes to the point of traveling around the country and sending out hundreds if not thousands of applications, but aren’t getting hired. They’re always either overqualified or lacking the right credentials (read “connections”)

Here is my rant in reply in part as to why the job market stinks, unless you land a government job which is the only sector that has been booming since Obama has been President.

Dear Anon, I respectfully submit that should read, “in Obama’s USA”

Obama obviously hates free market capitalism since every single decision that he has made since taking office has served to kill jobs, destroy wealth creation and penalize producers.

For example, during the so-called auto bail-out bankruptcy proceedings, the first thing he did was to suspend centuries of bankruptcy law by sending first in line secured bond-holders to the back of the line. They received pennies, while the UAW received an ownership position which they didn’t deserve, since they never owned any portion of GM or Chrysler. And Fiat received something like 30% of Chrysler for free.

For example, after the Deep Water Horizon incident he cut off all deep-water drilling in the gulf, around 25 platforms which are now drilling elsewhere. In Brazil, he also had us finance a new deep-water drilling operation to the tune of 2.5 billion, in waters over twice as deep as the Horizon, and said to the Brazilian President that we’d like to be their biggest customer. The drilling rigs are still not back in our Gulf. Why were we drilling in the gulf at 25 miles or more further out and not in shallower waters to begin with? 25 miles is the horizon, the point that you can’t see the the drilling platforms from land. The shallow water moratorium which began deep-water drilling was started by Clinton.

For example, the so-called “Stimulus Bill” only stimulated some unions, grants to failed “green” or “climate-change” enterprises who were nearly all Democratic donors, many of which have since went bankrupt, and some have been snapped up by the Chinese at fire-sale prices. Michael “Hockey-Stick” Mann also snagged up a cool 500 million (that is half a billion) for his bogus research at Penn State. 

For example, if any one is truly serious about bringing back jobs and wealth creation in this country, cheap energy is key. Manufacturing as well as tech requires huge amounts of energy, yet this President is more concerned that we pay too little for energy, and he has done his best to insure that we pay more. His first DOE Secretary, Michael Chu is on record saying that we should be paying European prices for gasoline (about ten bucks a gallon). The quickest way to stimulate the economy is to drop the price of gasoline by 25 cents or more per gallon.

Obama himself stated in Jan of 2008 that under his carbon plan, if anyone wanted to open a coal-fired plant, they could, but they would become bankrupt if they did. Specifically, he stated that “energy prices would necessarily sky-rocket”.

Guess what? Our energy prices are in fact sky-rocketing, including electricity rates which includes surcharges for “green” energy which is non-existent, and wind-mills which are popping up in corn-fields everywhere and solar farms elsewhere are being subsidized by our “stimulus” tax dollars. Solar and wind technology are twenty times more expensive in real costs per KWH, BTU, or however you’d like to measure it than comparable coal or natural gas electrical plants, and coal and gas can run 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Forget about the XL pipeline as long as Obama is POTUS, he is going to study this thing to death, as he already has, all over a one millimeter crossing at the national border with Canada. No matter that we already have millions of miles of pipelines already installed, no matter that it is the most efficient form of transport of oil, no matter that thousands of jobs will be created, none of that matters. 

It doesn’t matter that our coal plants are cleaner than they have ever been, it doesn’t matter that China is opening 400 coal-fired plants a year with no smog controls, it only matters that we close our cheap, clean, dependable coal-fired plants. 250 of them are slated to close in the next year or two, due solely to ridiculous EPA regulations.

I could start to turn our economy around in six months, given a chance. Anyone can. All that is required is to see what Obama has done, and do the exact opposite.

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