Rich TAkes! On Badmitten, Bombs and Bergdahl

Rich TAkes! On Badmitten, Bombs and Bergdahl

Have you noticed, a couple of weeks will go by with no major news to report, and then a fire starts up, in this case, the VA scandal, and then suddenly all sorts of other issues erupt at almost exactly the same time? From Friday to Monday, after the VA story which I haven’t dealt with yet, Obama’s EPA decided to regulate CO2 emissions with a back door cap and trade plan, even though Clinton’s super-majority Democratic Senate voted down Kyoto in 1999 by a 99-0 vote. A year or two later, the Cap and Trade bill never even made it to a vote. Now comes the EPA who decides to just do it anyway without any sort of vote by way of regulation. Geesch! Progressives, they just don’t quit.

Apparently that wasn’t enough, last week Obama made a big deal about how he secured the transfer of a soldier in exchange for the five baddest Taliban actors still held in GITMO, and thinks that is something to be celebrated, he invited Bergdahl’s parents to the Rose Garden for a presser. Even worse, it appears that Bergdahl may be a defector and is guilty of treason. Obama must think that we all are idiots, or else he is confirming what many of us have known for years. He also tried to release these same five Taliban commanders two years ago, and Congress said no way, across party lines. Not only did Congress object, the intel community and defense establishment did too.

It is easy to see who is the idiot here. It is our POTUS. He has supported our enemies in the Jihadi war on terror every step of the way, and the examples have been numerous.

He threw our allies under the bus in the Arab Spring, which Hillary is so proud of. Gaddafi in Libya suddenly became a huge ally after 9/11, he completely stopped his nuclear program, and was on our side concerning al-Queda. Egypt was always on our side since the Camp David Accords (the only thing which Carter got right) and he threw Mubarak under the bus too, in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been out-lawed in Egypt since the Nasser days. During the short year or so of Morrsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s reign in Egypt they concentrated on instituting Sharia, and an already weak economy went completely down the tubes. Coptic Christians who had lived there since the time of Christ were being killed en masse, along with Christians across northern Africa and the middle east, with nary a word from anyone in this Obama administration.

The truth is that Obama is siding with our enemies, he thinks that America is the enemy, along with many of his advisors and cabinet members.

I don’t really care much at all about Bowe Bergdahl. I care a lot about how Obama released five Taliban criminal commanders from GITMO against the advice of nearly everyone who actually has a clue.

FaziKK taliban Mullah NoriNabi Abdul taliban

Current Secretary Of State John Kerry had this to say about our US presence in South Vietnam in 1971 in the Fulbright Hearings:

Kerry Accused U.S. of War Crimes

John Kerry – Communism’s “Useful Idiot”

From Ion Mihai Pacepa.

Secretary of Defense Hagel has huge sympathies for Palestinians and CIA Director Brennan is a converted Muslim. There simply isn’t much love for Israel in this White House.

The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel

Oh well.

From CNN: Bowe’s father Robert speaks in Arabic in the Rose Garden, speaks of the people of Pakistan. Islamic experts say that he claimed the ground in victory for Allah. There is nothing like a little Arabic in the Rose Garden, is there?

Here Robert addresses the Pakistan army and the Haqqani network in 2012, while praising Allah.

N.S.A. Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images –

perfectly legal, no doubt. Authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?

The latest NDAA signed by President Obama also provided that any administration who released Detainees from GITMO give Congress 30 days notice and certify that they wouldn’t pose a threat to US interests or lives. Once again, with the release of 5 Taliban from GITMO this past weekend, Obama chose to ignore the law, a law which he signed regardless of opposition from the far left and the libertarian right. I guess his signature means nothing. Besides, there is no way that they could certify a lack of threat from this release.

From every report, Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan one night in 2009, went looking for the Taliban, and seemingly joined them. He seems to have deserted and went ALOW, he left his battle gear behind, along with a letter describing his disillusion with the United States and the Army, and it also was not the first time that he wandered off. For five years he lived with the Haqqani, a notorious group of ransom seekers and suicide bombers, who have 25% al-Queda in their ranks. He may have been kept alive for ransom.

Bergdahl was automatically promoted twice in his absence, the Army has an open inquirery, still classified, since his wandering off episode. Yes, he could have been taken prisoner, but that seems quite unlikely, since his body armor, fire-arms, night vision and other “sensitive” gear was left behind, and he had been mailing his personal effects home to his parents prior to his disappearance.

“The future is too good to waste on lies,” he wrote to his parents. “And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend it helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be American. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting. … I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting”

(Bowe’s emails, source: Rolling Stone, 2012)

Bergdahl tweet

Bowe Bergdahl’s Father on Twitter: “I Am Working to Free All Guantanamo Prisoners… ameen”

Sgt. Bergdahl to the Firing Squad? – US News

We should bring back the firing squad. He’ll go to Leavenworth if there is any justice.

Father Of Soldier Who Obama Released, Declares Muslim Victory Call, And Obama Smiles As Soon As He Hears The War Cry Of Allah | Walid Shoebat

So this begs the question, why would Obama give up the five most baddest Taliban guys? Because he wanted to, and Bergdahl seems to have been a convenient excuse. Shoebat is a former Muslim, and is an expert on radical Islamic jihad.

What’s The Real Motivation Behind The Bergdahl Release? » Black & Right

“So Bergdahl leaves his post unarmed in a war zone. That would imply he was either a sympathizer or was soon to be a participant. Just sayin’…. And as for those who died to save him…?”

I’d say that Bergdahl was the peanut butter in mouse-trap. Obama just didn’t think that he’d be the mouse caught in it.

6 soldiers killed searching for ‘deserter’ POW, fueling backlash

It’s no wonder his platoon mates are pissed at hearing Susan Rice say that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction”

‘We Swore to an Oath and We Upheld Ours. He Did Not.’

Sergeant who served with Bergdahl says “At best he’s deserter and at worst a traitor”

Who Are The 5 Guantanamo Detainees In Prisoner Swap?

…from National Public Radio. This is the real travesty. These five should have never been released for any reason, without facing a military tribunal first. The UN wants two of them for crimes against humanity, and are responsible for thousands of deaths.

Taliban prisoner swap was ILLEGAL and could lead to Obama’s IMPEACHMENT

Lindsey Graham threatens, if he does it again he may face impeachment. Sure, Lindsey. Nothing like taking a difficult stand. Weren’t you the guy who lobbied and successfully blocked perjury charges in the Paula Jones case being included in the Articles of Impeachment against Clinton?

Jeffrey Toobin: Obama ‘Clearly Broke the Law’ on Bergdahl

Taliban commander claims more kidnappings to come after Obama’s hostage trade

The Taliban is celebrating, and every American in uniform or any American of high value is now at risk

Inside the Ring: Directive outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens

It appears that the recent purge of top brass in the military story was true: the test was would they use force against US citizens?

The Case for Obama’s Impeachment

“Boehner and the Republicans are so intimidated by Obama, and the media that is still so protective of him, that they’ll never even try to impeach him.”

Sources: Intelligence community investigated Bergdahl’s conduct

Jay Carney, 2013: No Decisions About Bergdahl-Detainee Deal ‘Without Consulting With Congress’

How quickly they conveniently forget

Bergdahl bumps VA from spotlight

that was the plan. The results were far worse than unexpected.

Rule of Law » Bergdahl: They Don’t Care About the Law, Get Over It

The Bergdahl swap should illustrate to anyone who wasn’t paying attention that the law no longer matters to this crowd.

Bowe Bergdahl: Taliban claim captured U.S. solider is teaching fighters bomb-making skills

and teaching them to play badmitten too!

Abdullah Bergdahl

Sgt. Tahmooressi Held In Mexican Jail: Free our Marine

Marine still being held in Mexican prison over two months for making a wrong turn at the border. Obama and the State Department don’t see a big deal.

Veterans Are The Target » Black & Right

which seems to indicate that the Vet’s woes are not only at the VA…

Obama admits being willing to cripple the economy, causing electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket. Hello? Somebody actually voted for this guy, twice!

Democrats brace for climate rule fallout

the War on Coal has just shifted into overdrive.

EPA to make President Obama’s big move on climate change

causing electricity prices to necessarily skyrocket

Obama’s war on electricity

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates the cost of shutting down power plants to meet the new regulations will cost the economy $51 billion and 224,000 jobs each year through 2030. The regulations would force Americans to pay $289 billion more for electricity, and reduce disposable income for U.S. households by $586 billion through 2030.

According to the EPA’s own estimates, all this pain would be inflicted to reduce the world’s temperature by a microscopic 0.018 degrees Celsius by the year 2100

Labor unions none too happy with the Obama administration’s new emissions regulations

Predicting the Weather? The Climate? You’re Kidding, Right? – Dr. Rich Swier

Top Ten Reasons Washington Should Not Impose New Global Warming Laws or Regulations

The 12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal | Young Conservatives

Fox News Signs Stacey Dash As Contributor, Left Is Furious

I’m glad to see that Stacey is not backing down after supporting Romney last go-round!

Peabody Energy’s fight against Global Energy Poverty

(different Stacy) Peabody still has various coal assets near my hometown. For now.

On Progressives, Redskins and Racism:

Some Of The Lost History In The Civil Rights Movement

In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

It was not until Truman used the executive order that the military finally became desegregated. It should also be noted that LBJ was not the great Crusader of Civil Rights. President Johnson made a 360— turn in his civil rights position when he became President, from 1940 to 1960 Johnson voted with the South 78% on civil rights issues. Prior to 1957, Johnson voted with the South 100% on civil rights issues. He also voted against the C.R.A. of 1957 and 1960.

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

50 Senators to NFL: Change Redskins’ Racist Name

Reid and the Senate majority seemingly have nothing better to do

Oklahoma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The state’s name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning “red people”

Do You Know the History Behind the Name ‘Washington Redskins’?

I heard a caller who stated he is native claim that the ’32 Boston Braves team had 34 native American Indians on the roster, including the coach.

The origin of the name ‘Redskins’

Sort of a conjunction of the Boston Redsox and the Boston Braves?

Washington State’s Redskins, Like D.C.’s, Aren’t Changing Nickname

…the Willpinit High School Redskins, over in Spokane County. …Except they have no plans to change their mascot. At a school where more than 90 percent of the students are Indian – in the heart of the Spokane Reservation where author Sherman was raised – they’re sticking with Redskins. Said Tim Ames, superintendent of Willpinit schools, this week: “I’ve talked to our students, our parents and our community about this and nobody finds any offense at all in it. …”

“Southern Manifesto” eText – Primary Source

Back when Democrats believed in a strict constructionist view of the constitution, especially regarding the 14th Amendment. Note that Strom Thurmond and Wm Fullbright, Clinton’s mentor as well as the Chairman who gave John Kerry his rise to fame by allowing his ridiculous trashing of American servicemen in Vietnam (worthy of a subject in itself) were among the signatories.

“We regard the decisions of the Supreme Court in the school cases as a clear abuse of judicial power. It climaxes a trend in the Federal Judiciary undertaking to legislate, in derogation of the authority of Congress, and to encroach upon the reserved rights of the States and the people.

The original Constitution does not mention education. Neither does the 14th Amendment nor any other amendment. The debates preceding the submission of the 14th Amendment clearly show that there was no intent that it should affect the system of education maintained by the States.”

Democrats today are scrambling to pull the race card at every opportunity in a weak attempt to deny that they are the party of racism, segregation, lynchings, the KKK, Eugenics, and slavery. Their continued “progressive” policies merely continue the plantation policies, dressed up as compassion and fairness, when reality shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

Video: Jay Rockefeller, Ron Johnson clash over charge that racism is driving opposition to ObamaCare

This is the link that inspired the above Southern Manifesto and LBJ rant. Wasn’t Ron Johnson the Rep who couldn’t help himself and said out loud “You Lie” during the 2010 SOTU address?

Fun Stuff and Apple News:

Indian court asked to rule on whether Hindu guru dead or meditating

you can’t make the stuff up, but then, there is real money involved in this case.

I almost forgot, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference was held this week, here’s a taste of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite:

Everything we learned about iOS 8 today at WWDC 2014

20-plus iOS 8 features Apple didn’t talk about

17 additions in OS X Yosemite that will supercharge your workflow

Thanks for looking!

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