RichTAkes! on Macintosh Mavericks

I recently installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks on a test drive.

Here is the RichTAkes! Mavericks update report.

I discovered two items of interest last week. First, I’m eligible for a corporate discount on Apple products, which I discovered quite by accident, I was looking for rental car discounts. Secondly, Apple is offering OS X Server for only 19.99 through the App Store. Mavericks 10.9 is required. This might open up loads of possibilities.

When I was the Mac IT guy for a weekly rag back in 2003 I paid around 300.00 for a second-hand copy of AppleShare IP, I don’t remember how many clients it supported. (I still have an un-opened 10 Client version of AppleShare IP 6.3). I used it strictly for the local (LAN) network, and it was capable of some amazing things in OS 9. For twenty bucks, it’d be fun to set up a server again, I have never admined an OS X system before.

I had a new 2TB drive which I recently installed in my MacPro (early 2008, 3,1, Dual Quad 2.8 GHz, 14 GBs RAM) and had not yet set it up for anything yet. The previous drive was returning intermittent SMART errors, and I didn’t have any data on it to speak of. My daily driver system was 10.8 Mountain Lion on another disc. I set about to clone or migrate my current system onto the new drive which I formatted into two partitions, 750 GB and 1.25 TB.

I decided to boot from my Snow Leopard disc and import via Migration Assistant from the 10.8 disc. I got a kernel panic, didn’t work. Boot from disc again, this time try a Restore from Time Machine. Same result. Time Machine is a wonderful app, but it has it’s limitations. Then I remembered SuperDuper!. I booted back into Mountain Lion, opened SuperDuper! and cloned that disc right into my potential server disc. I should also probably make a Disc Image of that 10.8 system someday too, but at any rate, I was in like Flynn.

I had an exact clone of my primary system, with a differently named HD. Next, I repaired permissions. Then I opened the AppStore app, and downloaded 10.9 Mavericks. While I was waiting for all 5.7 gigs to download, I read the reviews, sorted by “most recent”. Lots of folks have been having issues, mostly those with notebooks and no back ups. Always, always, always, back up your system before performing any major upgrade and test it out. This is where SuperDuper! shines, it can create an archive disc image which you will need to to store on a bootable external HD if you don’t have a tower, just in case anything goes south.

Back in the old days, especially since the Tiger fiasco, the common wisdom was to unplug everything when applying an update or upgrade. I say it’s okay to simply make sure that everything that you have plugged in is powered off. That means printers, scanners, external drives and the like.

I haven’t played around much with OS X Mavericks yet, but Safari is extremely fast for me, and I opened Acrobat just fine. The installer reported that one app was incompatible, FinderPop, which is another Beer-ware app that I’ve been hanging onto since the Classic days.

You can get SuperDuper! here:

OS X 10.9 Server, available from the App Store:…

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