On Coons and Flakes

What really happened yesterday with Jeff Flake and Chris Coons.

Most of us saw or heard the Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh hearing about an alleged wrestling match while both were adolescents at age 15 or 17, 36 years ago. The problem is that none of the others who Ford named as present can recall being there, while Kavanaugh completely denied it, and brought his 1982 calendar to help prove it. Ford’s “life-long” friend even stated that she doesn’t even know Kavanaugh.

The net result is that there is absolutely no proof or corroborating witnesses who can back up her account. 

It should go without saying that this new hearing was a national disgrace, with Democrat after Democrat demanding that Kavanaugh ask that the FBI investigate Ford’s charges, even though that is the Senate’s responsibility. That was after implying that he was an uncontrollable alcoholic and serial gang-rapist. This is a guy who is a sitting judge on the DC circuit for twelve years.

Judiicary voted a yes recommendation for confirmation out of committee. Subject to Trump approving ordering the FBI to investigate Ford’s charges, in a six day window, which he did.

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) signalled a “no” vote for confirmation yesterday morning, which should satisfy the radical leftists in IN. (Donnelly is not on the Judiciary Committee).

Coons and Flake provided a way to provide cover for Democrats in vulnerable seats, in IN, WV, and ND. When the FBI investigation is presented, which is not likely to reveal anything that we don’t already know, vulnerable Democrat Senators will have cover to vote for confirmation on the floor, and Collins, Flake and Murkasky can also vote to confirm.

Senate “debate” has officially began. The Senators can go home for the weekend.

One week from Monday, Brett Kavanaugh will be sworn in as the ninth Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.


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