The Patriot Zone Is Now On The Air!

Announcing the Patriot Zone Forum live feed at BlogTalkRadio

Thursday nights from 8-11 PM eastern.

Join us in a roundtable discussion on current events & how they impact us and our country.  Listen, call in, or join the chat room for an interesting evening of discussion. Thursdays from 8 to 11 PM Eastern time.

This week, Hollywood producer, Bettina Viviano will be our guest.  Bettina covered the 2008 Democratic convention & witnessed rampant intimidation and voter fraud. Hear in her own words what she heard & saw.  Bettina produced ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ – a voter fraud documentary. You won’t want to miss this show! 

This is a show for ‘We The People‘ ! We encourage audience participation . We want to hear from you!  Call in & let your voice be heard!  Log in to the chat room for lively conversation!  Join other patriots that are fighting the good fight to take our country back!  Remember…there IS strength in numbers! 


Meet our posse:
Alan D. Vera …True The Vote
Don Bechtold … Our Financial Wiz
Frank Iam … Our very own Devil’s Advocate
Stephen VanderGast … The Voice
Toni Walsh… The Referee
Mahmud Vellani … The Instigator
Chris Kramer … The Mediator
Josephine Leone ….The backbone of our information source!! 

JOIN US & BE HEARD! Skype-In or phone: ‎(347) 945-5924 during the live feed

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