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RichTakes! On FaceBook Jail

I got thrown in FB jail today, for reasons unknown.  I’ve been a member since 2006. They claim I violated “Community Standards”, but of course didn’t specify the standard that I violated. I guess the community standard was not being progressive Marxist enough. 

My thought crime? And don’t kid yourself, that is exactly what this is. I posted a pic that somebody made stating that President Trump has called up the 82nd Airborne, America’s Division in WWII to deal with the “Caravan” of invaders coming up from central America through Mexico. I have no doubt that Trump has put all of our Armed Services on alert, including the 82nd.

The pic also included the 18 Section of the Immigration and Nationalization Act (INA) that Ted Kennedy pushed through in 1964 when Jack was President, and claimed that nothing would change. Of course he lied. There is plenty of video tape to that effect.

My first sentence was that “I can’t verify any of this…” I have no doubt that some one reported me for opposing the Marxist line.

Here’s the screen-shots:





We are being invaded every day, and have been since and before Reagan signed the first Amnesty Bill in 1986, and the fence (at that time) wasn’t built. He said his greatest regret was signing that bill and being screwed over by the Democrats later, by killing our border security that he thought was agreed to. It was meant to be a one time deal. 

It is far past time to regulate Facebook, and I am a free enterprise type of guy. I am also a free speech advocate, and they are over-stepping here with their community standards (which no one can seem to define). They just make it up as it suits them.

Go Figure!


It has now been over two days, maybe three since FaceBook got all butt-hurt over my post. I’ve looked at the community standards which might apply, and nothing applies. I found a couple which might, but even then, I’m well within their posted standards.

18. False News

…We want to help people stay informed without stifling productive public discourse. There is also a fine line between false news and satire or opinion. For these reasons, we don’t remove false news from Facebook but instead, significantly reduce its distribution by showing it lower in the News Feed.

The first sentence of my post was “I can’t verify any of this.” What follows was strictly opinion.

I have been able to log in to FB today. Facebook removed my post, even though initially they said that privacy would be set to “only me”. I must have been a real bad boy. Or someone must have reported my post and FB simply blocked me and took the post down.

The only other category of community standards which FB waves around might be 

12. Hate Speech

I wasn’t going to quote any of this, since it is ridiculous on it’s face. But here goes anyway, FB’s Tier 3:

Tier 3 attacks,

which are calls to exclude or segregate a person or group of people based on the above-listed characteristics. We do allow criticism of immigration policies and arguments for restricting those policies.


If my post was not criticism of immigration policies, and express outrage over a liberal push to launch yet another invasion of our country, I must not know what is.

Facebook wants to help though. To re-educate me, no doubt. Once I was able to log on again, a life-long friend (who is not a political policy wonk like me) sent me a PM with a cartoon. I attempted to reply with a simple LOL! FB wouldn’t even allow that, even though I’m supposedly out of FB Jail.

Here is what I saw when I attempted to reply: 




Okay, I’ll bite. Let us know? Sure, why not?


Here is what I wrote: 

Sadly, or not, I guess FB is all hat and no cattle: I attempted to send this to FB at least three times, and I got the same message each time. So now you know why I have my own domain here at Richtakes!

Update to the Update:

I guess a one day jail sentence somehow became three days. 

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