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Two days ago, I wasn’t going to vote for anyone for Pres. I can’t fully support the R, D or L. They are all progressives, the differences are really just shades of gray.

Since I am a conservative, a true Classic Liberal, this is a huge issue for me. We are faced with the most trying election in all of our lifetimes. There are no good choices. That is pretty typical for me, the only Republican nominee that I’ve supported in the primaries was Ronald Reagan. I was TEA Party before there was a TEA Party. It is really Constitutional Conservatives, with libertarian leanings. I am radical in the sense that our Founding Fathers laid out in our founding documents. Our country was founded on the radical idea that we the people have rights, sovereignty and liberty. What followed was the most successful nation in history mostly due to limited and restrained government as applied to the citizens, we the people.  

That hasn’t been the case since the progressives, starting with Republican Teddy Roosevelt became President. His cousin was FDR, BTW.

I supported Cruz from Day One since he called out the Republican hypocrisy with the Republicans false promises of stopping Obamacare, as well as his history of standing up and winning at the Federal Court. I still support Ted Cruz, I hope that someday he will become our President.

I’m voting for Trump/Pence. I am sure I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

This decision has not been easy for me, I tried to put all of my efforts to support Cruz in the primaries. If Cruz were the nominee, this election would be much different. I have said for over a year that Trump can not win against Clinton, while nearly every other Republican candidate could have, and easily at that.

Trump is well on the way to destroying the Republican Party. Judging from the GOP’s actions and results in the past 8 years (or more) it deserves to be destroyed. I really don’t appreciate the GOP turning their guns on their supporters.

The GOP establishment is the reason why Trump became the nominee. It will bite them in the ass.

Since I am a Hoosier, I like Mike Pence. He would make a fantastic POTUS. Also, I’m voting for the ticket because if Hillary turns Indiana blue, it’s over. If Indiana goes blue, there is no chance that she does not reach 270.

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